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IHD not receiving data

posted by AndrewC | 3 years ago

My smart meter was only installed 2 weeks ago and the IHD stopped receiving data over Christmas. I have already followed the advice on powering down and restarting closer to the actual meter - this involved moving it from 4m away to 0.5m away! Despite attempting to get the signal back several times it just doesn’t seem to want to connect to the actual meter and I get nothing (not even the date or time is set).

Having followed all the advice on the FAQs, YouTube videos etc I am out of ideas on how to correct the situation 


posted by disillusioned | 3 years ago
Re: IHD not receiving data

Hi, I had exactly the same problem, HDU lasted a couple of weeks. I spoke to Scottish Power and they gave me a phone number to contact a company called provider to get a replacement unit. The company came to my home and said there was no signal, the smart meters shouldn’t have been fitted and i couldn’t have a replacement HDU! I spoke to Scottish Power again and they confirmed they are not issuing replacement HDU. What a waste of time!

posted by  Eilidh | 3 years ago
Re: IHD not receiving data
Hi @AndrewC, sorry to hear that you are having these issues with your IHD. Our customer service team can help you resolve this issue, I'd recommend you email them via this webform https://www.scottishpower.co.uk/contact/email.process?execution=e1s1 or phone us on 0800 027 0072

posted by pete366 | 2 years ago
Re: IHD not receiving data
me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by stevefredtaylor | 2 years ago
Re: IHD not receiving data

And me. Would have been nice if it had worked for as long as 2 weeks!

posted by homerjay59 | A year ago
Re: IHD not receiving data

 With regard to the IHD not connecting, I too have had this problem. About two weeks after installation, the IHD gave up the ghost. I have contacted customer services about four times to ask for a replacement, as the unit steadfastly refuses to connect. The upshot of all this is that I will have to wait FOUR MONTHS for a replacement unit as they are "out of stock".

   It seems to me that all the hype to get the country to "go smart", is misplaced as they can't even supply reliable units. (N.B. if the units ARE reliable, why are there so many posts from people complaining of non-connectability?)  I feel that someone in the smart meter organization has dropped the ball with this one!!



posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: IHD not receiving data

@homerjay59   Great Name, regards to Marge.  The displays are stopping because they keep making firmware upgrades to the meters. Your display is not broken and does not need replacement. Even if they did send a replacement it would need to be paired to your meters by an installer, so don't hold your breath. The best thing to hope for is yet another firmware update that will reconnect the displays. This seems to be a side effect of attempts to make Smets1 meters send data to the DCC computer so that they behave like Smets 2 meters, The DCC computer is a government system which will eventually recieve all smart signals, and individual energy companies can then access their own data, this gets over the problem of smart meters only sending data to their original installer and so losing smartness when the supplier is changed.  So put the display in a drawer until Christmas and see if reconnects by then, the lack of display function does not stop the meters transmitting their readings.

posted by homerjay59 | A year ago
Re: IHD not receiving data
Just a quick update, this afternoon my IHD decided to spring into life and appears to be working perfectly. For how long I don't know, so fingers crossed.
I imagine they must have updated things at their end 👍👍👍😀

posted by davidwf | A year ago
Re: IHD not receiving data

after weeks and weeks of pestering me to do so I had mine fitted today ....and lo and behold it doesnt bl***y work!!!d
The IHD has the time and date and that's it.

Installer said it could take up to 2 weeks before it works.....WHY are they sending out this rubbish if it doesnt work...I am not happy!

posted by Andyw58 | A year ago
Re: IHD not receiving data
Mine has been like that for weeks also no data on the app. Nice one SP.