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posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: IHD not receiving data
@suej. Yes it does look that way. If you send in readings it will not do any harm and it may even be necessary.

posted by whiteowl | A year ago
Re: IHD not receiving data

@suej  The app and ihd do not send meter readings to SP only your main smart meter does this.  The apps are been reported as not telling you your bills and you should refer to online account which will show everything about your bill and if SP are receiving your meter readings. The ihd is been reported as useless and not to bother with the readings as some people say they are getting ridiiculous energy consuumption on them,  As said your online account with your bills is the one to read. If your smart meter is not sending readings then yes you will have to manually read them.

posted by JohnRawsn | A year ago
Re: IHD not receiving data

st - now being asked by Spower for a meter reading.....seems that when the IHD stopped receiving data so did Spower.

looks as though the autoupdated software has lost ALL communications.   

would have expected Spower to have been automatically monitoring systems for missing data.

posted by DB36 | 8 months ago
Re: IHD not receiving data
Had my smart meter installed after a number of prompts from SP. The installer came yesterday and after just 1 day my IHD is not working it refuses to connect. I wait 1 hour and 28 mins today to speak to someone but ended up giving up before i rinsed all my phone minutes. Not sure what to do, if anything at all.

posted by Bobby | 8 months ago
Re: IHD not receiving data
The in-house-display (IHD), gas meter (GM), electricity meter (EM) and cellular modem (CM) are connected by wireless ZigBee.
The CM sits on top of the EM and also has wired serial port connection.
A smart water meter could connect by ZigBee like the GM, as could household appliances including the boiler, solar panels, washing machine, etc. (to use cheaper energy.)

ZigBee is like a cross between Bluetooth and home Wi-Fi.

The cellular modem (CM) is like mobile broadband and connects to the ScottishPower (SP) through Capita Smart DCC mobile phone service. This is used to send units to SP and receive unit prices from SP, also SP or DCC can update the software on the meters remotely.

The GM measures gas (typically by counting bubbles of gas in oil) and every 30 minutes tells the IHD and CM over ZigBee.

The EM measures voltage and current to calculate power (Watts) which should be sent over ZigBee to your IHD as usage, every few seconds. The EM also calculates kWh units and adds them to one of two counters, these units counters are sent to your IHD by ZigBee and to CM by ZigBee or serial port.
After the SMETS1 to SMETS2 software update in June 2019, the Aclara SMETS2 electricity meters stopped communicating the usage and units to the IHD and SP.

The IHD shows gas units every 30 minutes then shows no connection after a few minutes. To reconnect, switch off your IHD by holding the button on the back in until the display goes blank. Unplug your IHD and move it close to your gas meter, press the button on the back to turn it on, if you are lucky the gas meter will send units before the IHD gives up trying to connect, if the IHD does not connect, switch it off and on again (by holding the button on the back).

posted by Slatt | 5 months ago
Re: IHD not receiving data
I’ve had my meter fitted today and it worked for one hour! Now it’s searching for data.

posted by RossLY | 2 months ago
Re: IHD not receiving data

I had IHD 3 installed three days ago and the fact is it does not work, the engineer handed to us and didnt even check it was working and said it would take 48 max to populate with data. 72 hours still nothing so rang csutomer help and they say there receiving the data 700 miles away OK, however we are within 6 feet of the meter and we are getting nothing. The net is awash with people for many suppliers all saying the same thing...can we all be idiots? The marketing is hype the tech rubbish you cant even connect our to the flats wifi in 2021 you can connect a washing machine to your wifi, come on energy suppliers you need to sort this out, it seems the only benificiary of smart meters is the utility companies as the customers have been sold duff tech!

posted by DavC1 | 2 months ago
Re: IHD not receiving data

@RossLY   The hand held monitor must be paired to the meters by the installer, your installer did a poor job.  The display is not needed for the meters to send their data, the benefit of the display is very little, most know when they are using a lot of power.   The main purpose of smart meters is to send automated readings to the supplier. 

posted by davidwf1 | 2 months ago
Re: IHD not receiving data

I have sorted the problem.....I am now with Octopus energy and within 2 days it was all working perfectly....same meter, same IHD!!!!