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IHD - shameful behaviour

posted by pepetideo | 3 weeks ago

My after only a few months stopped dysplaying electricity usage.

Called SP and they were adamant they would not send a new unit or a engineer to check on it.This goes againt Consumer Rights Act 2015 section 9

As a consumer you have the right to expect Goods to be of satisfactory quality and have reasonable durability.Then after a few emails back and forth a new unit was sent to my home... but they will not sent anyone to pair it with the smart meter meaning it is a worthless piece of electric garbage with no function.

Called again and they , again provided the wrong information that the IHD wouldagain pair automaticaly.; IT IS NOT TRUE.

When I told them this information was incorrect they said even so they would not sent an enginneer to pair it up.

It is the first and last time I will ever get my energy from SP.  They do not deserve my money.

I will be pursuing this further in court if need be.



posted by DavC1 | 3 weeks ago
Re: IHD - shameful behaviour

@pepetideo       It is very common for the display units to lose contact and then reconnect again after a few days or weeks.  This is caused by updates put out by the suppliers.  If you keep trying with your IHD it will probably reconnect eventually.   This is very common across all suppliers.  My British Gas IHD keeps losing contact and then reconnecting.  It does not need an engineers visit.  Your new IHD is useless without being paired with an engineers password. 

posted by pepetideo | 2 weeks ago
Re: IHD - shameful behaviour
It has been months. It does not reconnect with the electricity meter. The gas continues to work flawlessly.

Yesterday, coincidentally, someone finnaly realised they needed to pair the new device they sent me (after several calls insisting they didn't need to do anything)

I gave them the new serial number and it seems that they can use that number to pair it remotely to the new IHD. But as I suspected. It failed.. because the problem I suspect is with the smart meter itself.

They have escalated the issue... Let's see how many more months it will take for them to accept a human being has to some and physicaly look at the bloody thing.

posted by DavC1 | 2 weeks ago
Re: IHD - shameful behaviour

@pepetideo   Sorry to hear all this, do SP receive your meter readings? If no then the problem may be your meter, if yes then the problem is only with the IHD.   The system works by the electric meter doing all the communication, if you are getting gas on the IHD then it means the electric meter is working in that respect.  The IHD does not send any data out, it only works inside your house to enable you to see the meter data without going to read the meters yourself.   I can understand that you want the IHD to work correctly but many people ignore them and the main benefit of smart meters is to send meter readings to the supplier and get accurate bills and eventually variable tariffs by time of day. 

posted by pepetideo | 2 weeks ago
Re: IHD - shameful behaviour
Ye... SP receives my meter readings... But do you think the 2 IHD I received are malfunctioning? that is very unlikely.

And I do not agree with you. The smart meter should represent advantages for the 2 parties involved. The energy companies save money by not having to employ people to come and check the meter readings. Especially when the customer changes providers and the need to confirm final meter readings.

The customer gets an easy way of controlling their energy usage by seeing what in their home is consuming more. By not providing a IHD and not fixing one not operating all the advantages of the smart meter are muted for the customer not to mention it is incredibly infuriating to hear from your provided that because they get what the need the customer can go whistle and they will not repair what is malfunctioning...,. not only that IT IS ILLEGAL according to Consumer Rights Act 2015

posted by pepetideo | 2 weeks ago
Re: IHD - shameful behaviour

Just as an example to illustrate this...

During the 3 months my IHD was broken my electreicity usage went up significatly. The reason for this is still not exactly clear but ... because I did not have an easy way to monitor what was going on I only realised it after I got a message from SP that they needed to increase my DD from about 30 pounds to 90 to over the shortfall.

I still contend that something is wrong with the way my smart meter is charging me (I have solar panels) and since the smart meter was installed my bills when up 30% ... SP tells me it is not connected ... and I guess I need to trust them... which after the way this has been poorly dealt with ... is pretty hard.


posted by DavC1 | 2 weeks ago
Re: IHD - shameful behaviour

@pepetideo   There is a lot of information on this forum about solar power and meters.  It is quite possible for the system to be set so that you are charged for the power you generate as if it came fom the supplier., That seems to be the case for you.  It could also be the root cause of your IHD not working properly.  Sorry to annoy you about the need for an  IHD but believe me that they very frequently do not work and people accept that situation.

posted by pepetideo | 2 weeks ago
Re: IHD - shameful behaviour
Bloody hell ... I get more accurate information here from you on this forum than from SP!

They continue to be adamand that what you describe is not possible!

posted by pepetideo | 2 weeks ago
Re: IHD - shameful behaviour
Can you point me to some source of this happening so I can forward it with my complaint?

posted by DavC1 | 2 weeks ago
Re: IHD - shameful behaviour

@pepetideo   Here is one such comment

Re: Phase 1/Dumb meters, solar panels and how the new smart meters don't work with them
I have exactly the same problem and have been told umpteen times that it was the old meter not being accurate. My electricity usage trebled after having a smart meter fitted with solar panels my DD payment over doubled and I will still in debit for my bills. I have had an ongoing complaint for months with SP who will not accept any concerns despite clear and obvious evidence - after last months reading with solar panels 1000kw usage I switched my solar panels off for exactly same time period and usage dropped to 500kw. I’m aware that this cannot be an exact like for like but money ha were March and April so no sudden temperature increase and no change to any living patterns.
Also to say in one of the hottest summers we had last year my electricity was higher usage than over winter!! It’s not rocket science to see there is a major problem but no one will even consider investigating, the customer service team are completely inexperienced in this area.
I have been at my wits end trying to prove there is a problem not just for the financial aspect but just to stop me feeling like I’m lying and going crazy!! You have my sympathy....
You can search for others by typing Solar in the search panel at the top of this forum.
Your problem is that the smart meter has been set up so that it thinks all power inputs come from SP, really the solar panels should be treated differently and used in your house or exported to the grid.  Smart meters can easily handle such situations but your installer has made a botch of the job.   I suppose that you had solar before the smart meter was installed.  If your solar was installed after the smart meter then it was your solar installer who botched up.  Good luck with this, SP are notorious for ignoring such complaints but if you insist and get a good customer service rep they should sort you out.