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posted by pepetideo | 2 weeks ago
Re: IHD - shameful behaviour

I beleive my smart meter is the new generation and they say the new versions don't have this problem... but I felt exactly like that person.

They do not accept evidence.

April 2021 supossedly energy usage was 30% more than my April 2020 energy usage (before smart meter)

That 30% more  matches almost to the kwh with how much my solar panels generated in the month of April 2021

I have told them this but they just treat you like a child unable to add 2+2

I feel really upset, To be honest I havve been close to just hit the bloddy thing with a hammer ... maybe then the will send an enginner to fix it because they will not be able to get my readings .

posted by DavC1 | 2 weeks ago
Re: IHD - shameful behaviour

@pepetideo  Good luck with all that, its more important than the IHD issue, I know you were joking about attacking your meter, but seriously you could electrocute yourself and there are big penalties for 'meter tampering'.   Be assured that an engineeer can change your meter-input set up and that will probably sort out the IHD at the same time.  It should be a quick job to change the wiring and reprogram the meter without needing to change it. 

posted by pepetideo | 2 weeks ago
Re: IHD - shameful behaviour

For that to happen I would need to get SP to adimt something is wrong and send an enginner

After more than 3 months of this **bleep** I am pretty sure tehy don't give a **bleep**