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posted by Inquisitive27 | 9 months ago

I have a smart meter and an IHD which the whole family use to help us to manage our energy usage. It has helped to bring our costs down. However, we are confused as to how it can read on average 90p at 6am when we are only just getting up! How can we have used that much power overnight? We wonder if it is the application of the standing charge? Could someone please tell me if this is shown on the IHD as a cost? And also, please point me in the direction of advice regarding average costs of appliances etc in the home. If we are using 90 p overnight we need to know where/why and quick!!! Thanks 

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posted by Davc | 9 months ago

A lot of people notice this, it can be the standing charge, maybe combined with some appliances that never get turned off; fridge, freezer, clock, cordless phone, doorbell, standby TV etc. My own consumption never goes below 150 watts even at night.