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posted by Darren1 | 6 months ago
Re: New smart meter, no electricity readings

I'm really hacked off with SP customer services and the different information they give each time we call

We had a smart meter fitted to both our gas and electric. They both worked for a while then the electricity reading stopped. We have tried all the methods SP have but are still unable to get the electricity.  Now they are saying that there is a problem with the mobile network in our area. If this is the case,  WHY ARE YOU STILL GETTING THE GAS READINGS. Despite numerous phone calls they are still refusing to send an engineer out to look at the problem. 

posted by DavC1 | 6 months ago
Re: New smart meter, no electricity readings

@Darren1   Do you mean there is no electric reading on the hand held display, or is it that SP are not getting electricity readings coming through to them. If it's the IHD you can ignore it, they often go wrong and they have nothing to do with sending out the readings.    The system works by the electric meter acting as a hub for gas and electricity.  If gas readings are coming through it means the electricity side must be working.   The main thing to check is that SP are getting the meter readings for both fuels, the IHD device is not important. 

posted by SeanW | 5 months ago
New smart meter, no gas reading - higher bills

Back in August 2020 I had a Smart meter fitted to my Gas and Electric, promised as an improved means to track my usage and save on bills. From day one the gas meter has been non functional, failing to track usage. I have on four separate occasions through the year to date called for support. Three times it has been promised an engineer will arrive to fix the unit. Three times this has not happened. Today I called for further support as my tariff is due to end by the 30th June and still I have no meter readings to supply for reference to renew my tariff or price compare to other providers to seek a fair deal. Again today I was met with disappointment and the knowledge that any renewed tariff with yourselves will go up by at least £10 per month on a direct debit, in an account where I have currently £149.85 in credit. Over the past year I have been extremely disappointed with the service provided and as a customer I feel abused by the system and out of pocket.

posted by DavC1 | 5 months ago
Re: New smart meter, no electricity readings

@SeanW   Sorry you had trouble with your hand held monitor, they go wrong so often that SP do not send engineers to fix them.  You can read your gas meter if you go to it and press its buttons, the screen will light up and show a reading.  If it has a number pad press9.   You must look for numbers followed by m3 which means cubic meters and is your gas reading. 

posted by Daveyboy_1 | 4 months ago
Re: New smart meter, no electricity readings

Same problem as the rest of the thread.
Engineer came round today. After about 2 hours came in from doing something to the gas meter outside. Put the gas on the hob on and exclaimed the smart meter was working and then left hurridly before I could ask him a question or where the tutorial was on the device. 
No gas reading showing up on the Smart meter. Nothing is coming through. Really pointless if it does not work. Only Electric reading coming through on the device. I don't know whether the gas will actually show up.
Will ring SP tomorrow.

posted by DavC1 | 4 months ago
Re: New smart meter, no electricity readings

@Daveyboy_1     It's good news if your electricity shows on the hand held monitor.  Gas transmits to the electric meter and only sends a reading once every half hour. It could be several days before it shows on the monitor, and hopefully SP will get automatic readings at the same time. It all takes some time to settle in. 

posted by nogasread | 3 months ago
Re: New smart meter, no electricity readings
Don't hold your breath our gas reading has not worked since installation on 10 March despite calls to SP. They say I am on a priority list to get it recommissioned. The installer did not check the signal and when asked he said we do not do that any more. I think the real reason is that if he did not do the install he would not be paid, likewise SP will not get their credits from the government. I will be moving to another supplier when my contract expires.