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New smart meter, no gas reading

posted by Vodkaneat | 3 years ago

Had my new smart meter installed.  The IHD manual says the gas meter sends usage to the electric meter every 30 mins.  The engineer said it might take 24 hours to come through.  Well, it's been well over 24 hours and the gas still shows "Waiting for current data".  I rang SP, apparently the offical line is now; it can take 4-6 weeks to come through, and some rubbish about analysing patterns...

Come on SP, this is a meter, the whole point is to monitor usage, not patterns, or any predictive magical data.  There are lots of people complaining about the same issue, many saying it's never been fixed since their original installation.

I very much hope I haven't been downgraded to a system where I now have to take readings and report them myself so as not to get estimated usage.  Can anyone explain why on earth I'd need 4-6 weeks to get live data from a gas meter?



posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: New smart meter, no gas reading
The IHD display gets data within your house from the meters and provided they are all paired there is no reason why the Display should not work immediately. It is understandable though that it may take time for SP to receive gas readings and reflect these in your account. A lot of people report no gas display on the IHD and it looks as if there is a firmware problem with the IHD.

posted by exenduro19 | 3 years ago
Re: New smart meter, no gas reading

I do not know what action I should take.

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: New smart meter, no gas reading

@exenduro19   If your Display does not show a gas reading, go to your gas meter and press its buttons to display the reading, and send in the reading to SP.

posted by SteveH | 3 years ago
Re: New smart meter, no gas reading

Well, I have been reading the "Smart" meter thread.

Here's an update on state of play.  4 months agp I had a SP so called smart meter installed.

Electricity readings ok but no pricing data

No gas reading or pricing

Engineer said 72 hours to launch.

SP said 3 weeks

SP said put the IHD near the meter and it will start working

SP said may take 4-6 weeks

SP said wait till Lowry Beck return to the area, probably 2 weeks.

NO Lowry Beck one month later!!

Fed up with the SP excuse book which appears to have more volumes than the rail companies version.

Here we are near end September and "Smart " meter is actually pretty stupid.





posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: New smart meter, no gas reading

@SteveH   Hi, sorry tale you have but fairly common. The installers seem to be happy to leave the job half done and then do not come back. If SP are asking for readings it may be that your gas is not connected to the system, but if your Display shows electricity it probably means the electric meter is transmitting.  Either way you should send in readings or you will get estimated bills. The gas meter will still be recording but not transmitting so you need  to take a manual reading like in the old days. 

Meanwhile chase up Lowry Beck to finish the job. Don't expect SP to be chasing.  The Displays have given a lot of trouble recently but as SP send out firmware upgrades quite often it may one day spring into life with £ data as well as kWh. 

posted by Aingarth | 3 years ago
Re: New smart meter, no gas reading

Had smart meters fitted 2 weeks ago. I have searched the Scottish Power site to try and find proper user instructions for the current colour Chameleon energy monitor but have given up. This thread refers to the "User Manual" which I guess is what I am looking for. Where do I find this user manual??

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: New smart meter, no gas reading

I found this on google

posted by ScunySteve | 3 years ago
Re: New smart meter, no gas reading

Got my new smart meter installed Monday 27 Jan 2020 fitter said gas woul show up after a few hours. Still not working 6 days later, No instruction manual left either. After seaching the web & forums seems like a common fault for Scottish Power smart meters. Hope your going to fix it soon. 

posted by TPS | A year ago
Re: New smart meter, no gas reading

New "Smart" Meter fitted today.  all very efficient and worked well ----- for 2 hours. the the IHD stated it had received a message. (envelope) viewed 2 messages both said welcome to smart metering. Since then  it just sits there saying "waiting for current data" It appears that its the Gas meter that is no longer providing any information. 

In the past I could take a Gas meter reading by stretching out nad taking a picture of the meter with my smart phone. I cant do that with the new meter as nothing is displayed without pressing buttons. so they wont get any more readings. 

Not a great leap forward I have to say - do you think they will refit the old meter.........