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No smart meter as not dual fuel.

posted by rowli1 | 4 years ago

I was just contacted to arrange a date for smart meter installation. When I informed them that we don't have a gas meter as we have oil fired heating I was told that they cant fit a smart meter for electricity only !  Why is this ?



posted by  Eilidh | 4 years ago
Re: No smart meter as not dual fuel.

Hi @rowli1, you shouldn't have been advised this you can still have a smart meter fitted with just an electric meter.  You can register your interest in having a smart meter installed by using this link  https://www.scottishpower.co.uk/smartinterest.process?execution=e1s1 and another member of the team will contactyou to arrange an appointment.

posted by blanik | 4 years ago
Re: No smart meter as not dual fuel.

I'm Electricity Only with Scottish Power.

Just had the same issue - got a invitation in my account for a smart meter install as they were in the area and to book an on-line appointment,

Phoned the installer as the Gas and electricity meters were physically seperated and told that they would not do an Electricity Only install - they could only replace both meters, and then only if Scottish Power was the supplier on Dual Fuel.

If true - I'll end up switching my gas to SPW when my gas contract is up for renewal, get the smart meters installed, then switch the gas away from SPW back to the cheapest supplier for me. So a lot of extra cost for Scottish Power for no real benefit.

posted by MargieP | 3 years ago
Re: No smart meter as not dual fuel.
Now that's interesting as I have just been told I can't have a smart meter as I HAVE dual fuel with Scottish Power. Very odd. I don't think they want their customers to know exactly what their energy usage is so they can simply keep raising the direct debits.

posted by blanik | 3 years ago
Re: No smart meter as not dual fuel.

I think I might have figured this out.......thanks to an explanation on a competitors site!


If you have mains gas and electricity - then with SMETS1 meters they have to be installed by the same supplier so that the gas meter can talk to the same communications hub as the electricity meter to submit meter readings over the mobile network.

If you have electricity and NO mains gas - then you should be able to get a SMETS1 electgricity meter as you would never need a gas one.

With SMETS2 meters, company A can install the electricity meter with the communications hub ( powered by electricity) , then company B can install the gas meter which will talk to the hub as all SMETS 2 will be compatible.

I just wish that Scottish Power would make that clear somewhere in the FAQ.

posted by loumeredith | 3 years ago
Re: No smart meter as not dual fuel.

I want a Smart meter having had one with my previous electricity provider Eon. Am told by Scot Power that 'the technology does not exist' for our house as this has electricity on two rates - standard and low (old Economy 7). Rediculous. Of course the tech exists as Eon provided us with one. I accept that dual fuel may be more tricky but it can't be that difficult to fit a meter for electricity only. This is the 21st century for heavens sake!No date for when they expect to be able to do this either. 

Unless I get a Smart meter I will be changing provider. 

posted by Denyse | A year ago
Re: No smart meter as not dual fuel.
On a general note, I think being a consumer in the twenties means we are asking more questions than we get satisfactory answers