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Phone number

posted by Dreen | A year ago
I've tried so many phone numbers to contact them via phone and not a one is working?? Can anyone help

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Phone number

@Dreen   the number is 0800 027 0072. It does work but is often busy, early in the morning is a good time to try it,  try 7am.

posted by Power11 | A year ago
Need Help:(

Hi, Hope someone can help

I need copies of my 2015 June, July and August Bill
I need copies of my 2016 June, July and August Bill
I need copies of my 2017 June, July and August Bill

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Phone number

@Power11   Ask SP customer services for this, we cannot help.

posted by gusnunes | A year ago
Re: Need Help:(
I want to speak to someone but I could not do this tonight. I want my meter readings Jan - Dec 2017 Jan
I want my meter readings Jan 2018 - Nov 2018

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Phone number

@gusnunes    Your online pdf bills give all the meter readings and also a statement of latest 12 month consumption totals. 

posted by julie76 | A year ago
Re: Phone number
Chat does not work

posted by bargegirl1 | A year ago
my account

I recieved a letter telling me my tarrif ends on 30/4/2020. I have tried to get in touch by phone but no good. I ogged in to my account saw a goodbye notice on my dual fuel but I have never said i was leaving SP. also when the automated phone call told me my ammounts. for February/March SP has taken £200 and some punds from my bank acccount. I have had to sign up again and give my bank details. I am 84 years old and disabled and all this has made me feel very depressed as I ccannot get through to them at all. I hope someone from SP . Thank you. I was on the phone for 2 hours yesterday trying to get a person.  an hour today. Wendy Bennetts

posted by pgthompsonco | 6 months ago
Re: Phone Help line costs

How is my October complaint about being given a Help line by SP for new customer from Tonik that does not privide a Premium Service oe even any service? When will i get mt £24 back. ?

Other Info. Scammers are moving from "Greed" to "Need" to hook in vulnerable people. Its not that I am thick. Call came in offering a reduction in my annual boiler service. [due next week, so accidentally great timing). Do I want to reduce it to £30 per annum (a bit low!!) but might have been to £90. My answer 1. Yes please. Second Question: What is the age of your boiler? (Now I should have said 55 years - which it was 3 years ago) but my Answer: 2) Why do you not know this already? There anwer:2 etc until they hang up.