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Providor is it a scam?

posted by Flea85 | A month ago
I have been have several phone calls a day from a company called Providor (0333 016 4779).

They are saying they are from Scottish Power and have been requested by Scottish Power to attend my property and check my meters. I have been having issues with the meters ever since they were installed and there is a complaint that Scottish Power having just been sitting on for the past year!

My question is - is Providor a genuine company working on behalf of Scottish Power or are they another scam company wanting to take over your meter??

I have said I don’t want them attending my property without speaking to Scottish Power first but obviously Scottish Power are unreachable. They don’t answer emails and NEVER answer the phone so I can’t even ask them the question.


posted by DavC1 | A month ago
Re: Providor is it a scam?

@Flea85   You can look them up.   https://www.sureservegroup.co.uk/providor/     They are a real company not a scam. 

posted by gls | A month ago
Re: Providor is it a scam?

Providor are a company that install Smart meters . They installed mine in August this year. They contacted me directly but only after I had been in touch with Scottish Power to agree to have Smart meters.