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Quote including 100% green electricity

posted by JohnD | 3 months ago

Checked the latest tariffs and found that we could obtain a fixed rate for 2 years with £3 extra per month for 100% green electricity.  However, on looking at the terms and conditions, we found that, if we accepted this, we would be expressing our interest in a smart meter and that SP or one of their installers would contact us when they were available in our area.

We have no interest in a smart meter at all and know that it is not mandatory.   We live in an area with poor mobile signals and our meters are also on different levels and at opposite ends of the house.

In these days where truth is in short supply, would it be honest for us to accept the quote and then give a negative response to any approaches regarding a smart meter in future?


Top answer

posted by Jonnel | 3 months ago
Re: Quote including 100% green electricity

@JohnD It's not exactly clear where you would stand legally, knowingly entering into a contract where you 'expressed interest' in a smart meter. If you 'expressed interest' would that mean you were saying yes? I kind of think that's how Scottish Power would see it. Morally, can you convince yourself ‘interest’ could extend to hearing SP say ‘Yes, the system will work well in your house.’ And then make a decision?

At the moment, there is no legal demand a supplier can make to insist you have one fitted, perhaps unless you agree a contract that stipulates you have one in order to get the preferential rate tariff. It's one that demands the question be asked. Added to that, you clearly know your arrangement of meters suggests the smart system would not work correctly or fully for you anyway. Perhaps asking the above question would help you decide about signing up for another two years.

Bulb promises 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon-neutral gas. Neither do they insist on smart meters - in fact they're only introducing them this year.

They pay old supplier exit fees too.

posted by enjay | A month ago
Re: Quote including 100% green electricity

i have accepted the new tarrif Help beat cancer fixed saver.

I searched all of the information terms and coditions prior to accepting.

but there was no mention anywhere in the documents referring to a smart meter as being part of the agreement..

but when I signed into my account only 1   day after complrting the transfer ( I am already a Scottish power customer and have been for many years. ) the first thing I read in large lettering , was  ACTION REQUIRED, and read that to accept this tarrif I had agreed to have a smart meter installed and to contact them. but I know that I had not agreed, so I will be contacting them to say that at the moment I do not want a smart meter, thankyou.