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posted by Davc | 7 months ago
Re: Smart Meter not sending readings

Hi Booth, looking over your comments since January it looks like you have been on estimated gas readings and have just received a quarterly bill which covers March to May, it could easily be £600. To avoid shocks like this send in manual gas readings which will generate a bill each time you submit them. Maybe not so important in the summer as fuel use is low, but starting in October try sending in readings every month or so. Eventually I suppose your gas meter will get paired with the rest of the system and will start to send in readings for you. At least I suppose your smart electric meter works, it seems the gas meters do give a lot of problems. 

For your information the gas meter is battery powered, and to save the battery it transmits locally to the electric meter every half an hour. The electric meter does the communication to the IHD and to SP. Likewise to save the battery the gas meter screen is usually blank and it has to be woken up by pressing buttons to show a reading.

Did your recent gas bill show a reading close to your actual reading from the meter? if so, you are up to date, but if your actual reading is a lot lower send in the actual value. Good luck.

posted by Cam | 7 months ago
Re: Smart Meter not sending readings
Smart Meter finally fitted in March after several cancelled appointments because our gas meter is a semi- submerged meter at the front of the house & SP didn’t have the correct type of Smart Meter. Wish I’d never bothered because although the electric reading are being sent & the in- house display shows correct electric use not a single gas reading has been sent. I had stopped sending my meter reading when the smart meter was fitted as I was assured that the meter was working. First realised something was amiss when a letter increasing my DD arrived in May. Several long telephone calls to SP who then told me my meter ‘needed to be commissioned’ was then given a telephone number to ring myself- also told that commissioning could be done over the phone - it can’t ! Engineer called two weeks later and said gas meter was now working. But it’s not !! My in house display is still reading zero gas usage after nearly two weeks !!! Rang SP again who said it can take several weeks for reading to be received & show on my account. The reading they quoted me was the manual reading I submitted when the smart meter engineer visited! Was basically told to be patient & ring in several weeks to check it with them again!! Appalling customer service! Having read all the comments on this page it appears there is a serious problem with the smart meters especially the gas ones. Have they rushed installing meters that they know are not fit for purpose to meet their targets?

posted by Booth | 5 months ago
Re: Smart Meter not sending readings
It is now almost September and SP have still not rectified the issue with the Smart Meter not working / Gas Meter possibly not commissioned / Electric Meter not communicating with SP, but they closed the complaint down anyway.

I don't think the Gas Meter has been commissioned, the gas man never came back and SP have not been in touch with me regarding this, so presumably the gas man didn't report his findings back to SP.

posted by Ian_YNWA | 4 months ago
Re: Smart Meter not sending readings

I'm in the same situation .. stupid gas meter display is blank .. displays a message "Network Inactive (F)" 

Pressing other buttons let's me get a meter reading manually.

posted by Davc | 4 months ago
Re: Smart Meter not sending readings
No, Clever smart meter is saying My Network is not yet set up. And Clever smart meter lets you take manual readings until your installer comes back to set it up correctly.

posted by hqaid | 3 months ago
Re: Smart Meter not sending readings
Hi. I'm also having problems with my smart meter. It was installed end of September and they are unable to get gas readings. They said it is a faulty meter and I need to wait fir their system to make bookings for supplier available. I am unable to get them manually as just reads zero. Its really frustrating. Anyone else had this problem.

posted by hqaid | 3 months ago
Re: Smart Meter not sending readings
Hi I'm having the same problem. How did you manage to get the readings please?