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posted by Bobby | 7 months ago
Re: Smart Meter not sending readings
Our SMETS2 electric meter was rendered dumb last year by the SMETS1 update, but the gas meter sends daily readings.
Except there was a 2 week gap from the 9th June 2020 which coincides with both a radio network problem in some areas, and billing date and customer readings.

Our smart meters were installed on 9th May 2019, the IHD was working, except the budget settings were wrong and after a few days it said we were over budget. On the 25th May 2019, the IHD stopped showing electricity, and SP started emailing me for customer readings (the electricity meter was no longer uploading data).

posted by dnpak38 | 4 months ago
Re: Smart Meter not sending readings

My meters stopped communicating in August and think it might not be an uncommon situation in a line above Liverpool to Grimsby anyone confirm this please?