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Removal of old meters?

posted by JenniS | 6 months ago

If I get a Smart meter from ScottishPower will they disconnect and remove my old gas and elec meters?  They're on the front of the house and are really unsightly. Thanks.


posted by Davc | 6 months ago
Re: Removal of old meters?

Sorry, they put the new meter where the old meter was, if you want them to be moved you have to pay.

posted by Steevey | A month ago
Re: Removal of old meters?

Similar situation: I'm having a 'Smart Meter' installed soon, but don't use gas (there's a meter), can they remove the gas meter at the same time?, I keep getting standing charge bills for something I don't use. How do I arrange this?

posted by Davc | A month ago
Re: Removal of old meters?

@Steevey    You can ask SP for an electric-only tariff, customer services 0800 027 0072.

You can also have your gas supply capped off, but it is better to leave it live in case you change your mind in the future. Gas heating is very much cheaper than electric heating.

posted by Steevey | A month ago
Re: Removal of old meters?
Thanks Davc, I've now arranged for the removal of the meter (capping as suggested) via the customer services number which was a breeze, much appreciated.

posted by Bogbag214 | Yesterday
Re: Removal of old meters?

IMy Time Clock and `Metre ne=eed to be removed



Tel xxxxxxxx



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posted by GrahamofDevon | Yesterday
Re: Removal of old meters?

this isnt what i asked

posted by Davc | Yesterday
Re: Removal of old meters?

@GrahamofDevon   You previously wrote

Latest is ongoing demands for meter readings when I'm not using any electricity and there's an outstanding complaint request for Scottish Power to either get rid of my meter that isn't drawing any power or put in a smart meter 

As I said your first action is to send a reading for the unused meters showing no change.

You then need to follow up by closing that account, otherwise you will still pay daily standing charges on it.

Finally you need to request SP to remove and cap off that supply point. 

I hope that is more clear for you.

If you cannot get through to SP that is a different problem, you can escalate the request through a number of levels ending with the energy ombudsman if necessary.

This community is manned by customers to give advice, we are not SP.

posted by GrahamofDevon | 24 hours ago
Re: Removal of old meters?

Thanks Dave - I did all that - I've got 3 outstanding messages telling me my complaint is being investigated - but no actual response.

After many phone calls and messages someone finally came out to remove the meter -then wasn't able to because of Western Power kit.

I'm owed compensation for being charged for a service I asked to be removed more than a year ago because i don't need it.

I've been massively overcharged, they put it right but gave no real apology and no compensation.

My charge rate got changed without my consent

I got told I couldn't have a smart meter because they weren't in the area - they changed my other meter to a smart meter (same address) - but refused on this meter.  I currently have a meter with no power to it and I spent the best part of half hour on the phone this evening failing to get through to someone to try to get them to fix things.

To say I'm frustrated with Scottish Power customer service and service delivery would be an understatement.

Right now I want the offending meter removed and I want a credit for the avoidable charges - and I want the account for this meter closed.


Please can you get an actual director to call me and explain how the service from Scottish Power can be so bad. Scottish Power have my direct phone number.

Scottish Power have the exchanges recorded and have referred to previous discussions and communications.

posted by Davc | 23 hours ago
Re: Removal of old meters?

@GrahamofDevon    Thanks for the reply. Sorry but I dont have any contact with any SP personnel so I cannotput you in touch with a director. A lot of people have trouble getting through the SP bureacracy.