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Reverting from smart to traditional meters

posted by matt3045 | 3 years ago
Hi there,

we’d like to remove freshly installed smart meters and revert back to traditional meters (both).
I contacted SP and was ensures somebody would call me back to arrange it, they havent though. Called again and another advisor said they cant do it.
Done research online and found statemets from all suppliers confirming they would remove them if that was what the customer wanted.
How do i proceed with this, who do i contact to get this done please?

posted by telbel99 | 3 years ago
Re: Reverting from smart to traditional meters

I'd also like to revert to traditional meters. I've never had a signal from them to the monitor since they were installed. Was told SP knew about signal problems and were working to improve such. My monitor is in the outside garage on the other side of the wall from the meters. Still no signal. Can use app but how does that help me monitor useage? My smart meters are dumb.

posted by bhav | 3 years ago
Don't bother with smart meters, they are dumb meters that don't work

I would like to revert back to traditional meter. 

Since installing the smart meter it knocked out my internet and wireless heating system and took me several days to get it sorted again. Customer should be made fully aware of this before booking an appointment. Engineers were alergic to cats, wtf so could not come in to check things, not that i would trust them anyway.

My slot was Friday 13th April 2018 between 8am and 12pm and installation was carried out by Actavo. they came around 12pm, I was expecting them to finish the work within the timeslot, but took untill 1.30pm to finish. Slot times sould be ajusted so that it includes the time taken to install the device so that people can plan around it.

After installation the online account shows the following message when attempting to view smart meter data

"We're having trouble retrieving the consumption from your smart meter. We're working hard to get this fixed. Please try again later"

However it appears to be tracking something for gas, and now for some reason i have 2 electricity input fields, one is tracking something but the figure is incorrect and the other is empty. Both are requred fields.  Also the electricity seems to be showing the wrong number of digits, the meter shows 5 whole digits, both the online electricity inputs show more than 5.

But i thought what the heck i'll just submit my numbers manually on the website like i used to do, except that you can't, Each time you try it does nothing and just refreshes the page, no error message no nothing.

You would have though a big six energy company like SP would have the correct processes in place to be able to install, TEST and confirm that everything is working as expected after a smart meter installation. Obviously they don't and their webiste does not handle smart meter errors very well and leaves the customer in complete limbo. It can't be hard to track these issues and get them fixed. Perhaps it's your third party installerActavo that are the problem, if so monitor them  review the SLA and if they are switch to a more competent installer.

Everything was working fine before the smart meter install, and looks like I together with many many other SP customers, jsut google it get an idea are having exactly the same problems and has been going on for months/years without any kind of resolution for some.

To SP if you read this, looks like your management are fully aware of the issues for a while and have not got to the bottom of it, just make you look extremely incompetint and ignorant. Take a pause from installing smart meters fix whatever the issues  are before installing smart meters into customer homes and verify they actually work for the customer end to end. Don't knowingly go install smart meters that may/may not work without any kind of verification, they are clearly not fit for purpose at this point in time.

If anyone can definately confirm what is required and if you can to go back to the traditional meter please post together with the steps they had take with SP to get this reverted as I'd be very keen to do so. 

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Reverting from smart to traditional meters

A sorry tale, but quite common. To input your readings fill in the preceding boxes with zeros, for the second unwanted box, fill it with zeros also. It seems internet meter readings need all the boxes to be filled before they will work.

Your reading that you did not recognise is from your new meter, it will be starting a new sequence different to the old manual meter.

I do not know anything about uninstalling smart meters, but if you treat them as dumb and do your own readings you are no worse off than before, but you do have an IHD which makes life a bit easier ( if it works)

posted by megawhite | 3 years ago
Re: Reverting from smart to traditional meters

I would like a smart meter installed, but not a dumb meter and associated PITA from incompetency and a clearly broken system.  After reading these horror stories I am sticking with what I have and SP will just have to keep sending someone round to read my meters.

What an unbelievable mess.  Smart meters have been around for years, it's not rocket science, why is this not streamlined and working by now?  Very disappointing.

posted by johnw | 3 years ago
Re: Reverting from smart to traditional meters
.... if you treat them as dumb and do your own readings you are no worse off than before.....
Not quite true. On the old system I used to get an email reminding me it was time to send in meter readings. This would be followed by a new bill. I have a Smart Gas meter which doesn't communicate with Scottish power. Their solution is to estimate a reading, and produce a new bill on-line, all without telling me. It was months before I realized there was a problem, and that they were sitting on a considerable credit, all without my knowledge.

posted by bhav | 3 years ago
Re: Reverting from smart to traditional meters

Update to my previous message above


So after installation of my smart meter I was in a state where smart system incorrectly tracked my meter readings and as a consequence prevented me from submitting my meter readings.

Upon calling them, waiting for ages in the queue I eventually managed to speak with someone who was initially trying to fob me off with many excuces saying the system takes several weeks to update properly and to give it more time. which is absolute rubbish as previous to the call i had already been waiting several weeks. The smart system is supposed to feed back readings within a reasoable time, assuming the sim they install where your meter reading devices are  which sends back data for electricity and gas is in a working state and therefore should be reflected online shortly afterwards. I repeated the symtoms I experienced several times  and then all of a sudden the call center operative suddently had a moment of inspiration and figured it out thank god.

The clue was in me mentioning that i have 2 electricity input fields but previously before the smart meter install I only had 1 input box so why was 2 boxes suddenly appearing. What had happened was that after the installation my online account had been been marked with the wrong type of account. Some customers have 2 different readings  one for daytime and the other for nighttime and i guess they are charged differently for each one. My account has a single reading for both day and night. It seems by default after installation and without checking they set the account for day and night readings hence i had 2 input boxes  for electricity and becuase this was configured incorrectly it stopped me from submitting my meter readings altogether. The operative adjusted my account and within a few days I was back to a single input box for electricity and was finally able to submit my readings online :-)  My parents home also had a smart meter installed after me and they had exactly the same issue and after i explained the solution to my account they also sorted theirs out. God knows how many people have been affected by the same issue, but seems like such a basic thing to mess up. It is usefull not having to go outside to get the meter readings anymore as it's update online automatically.


Unfortunately i still having the issue when attempting to view smart meter data graphs i get :-(

"We're having trouble retrieving the consumption from your smart meter. We're working hard to get this fixed. Please try again later"

I may give them another  buzz at somepoint to see if i can get that sorted too. Good luck all



posted by Sam92 | 3 years ago
Re: Reverting from smart to traditional meters

Myself and my mum have been onto Scottish power regarding the electric prices, smart meters, solar panels ECT. 

We have been ripped off and robbed of £££, we have solar panels installed by our housing association that are to generate our power and what is left over goes to our landlords, this has been rolled out across Suffolk county council homes. 

Before we had electric powered meters we had dumb/single phase meters which you could easily read and could see run backwards when the solar panels were working.

Every company we go to say they will replace our meters back to dumb meters then to not do the job and in Scottish powers case have acted dumb and flat out refused to replace the meters as they are "not faulty" Cleary they are faulty as we do not benefit from our solar panels as we once did.

I've been with Scottish power a few months now and I'm having so many issues with prices, readings and customer service. Having depression and anxiety really makes my situation more complicated as I struggle to call them up, struggle to take correct readings and struggle with finances changing unexpectedly.

Even now they are telling me I can't even have a smart meter installed after refusing to chance the already problematic meter. They are not taking the difficulty away for me of taking correct readings which is causing me unwanted stress.

As for solar panels being compatible, even the person who invented the smart meter asked for it to be removed as it didn't work properly with solar panels so there is a clear problem. 

From paying only £20 a month maximum on a top up meter just for electric which is meant to be more expensive, I am now paying equal to £40 a month just in electric!! It is outrageous especially when we have had so much sunny weather this summer, my solar panels should have been saving me a few hundred between April and September and would have been non existent in cost of electric.


There is a real serious problem here folks.