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SMETS2 after switching to Scottish Power

posted by mojahidali | 12 months ago

Smart metering, what a palavar!

Rather disappointingly after switching from SSE with a SMETS2 meter, I am now having to provide meter reads again to SP. 

With SP unable to utilise it and the meter now being rendered what essentially is a dumb credit meter and the IHD is practically useless to me.

I was under the impression that because the SSE smart meter was commissioned and therefore connected to the DCC that Scottish Power (as a DCC user itself) would still be able apply the upgrade remotely without on-site intervention and use the smart functionality.

Customer service tell me it seems like another meter exchange may be neccessary (although may not be applicable if already have a SMETS2 and due to Covid-19) and that this happens sometimes with SMETS2 meters. Seems incredibly wasteful considering my meter is less than a year old, terrible for the environment and I suspect is uneccessary? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Does this happen for any particular reason with SP, I know the dates for the smart legislations keep moving but is it naive of me to think SP would have been compliant already? Is there any hope to switch back from a credit meter to smart functionality or do I just wait until the end of my tariff and never look back?


posted by Bobby | 11 months ago
Re: SMETS2 after switching to Scottish Power

Sounds like BS

Your SMETS2 meter should be commanded to send data to SP instead of your previous biller, by the radio data network operator (Captia/DDC).

SSE appear to have a Swiss designed gas meter and an Austrailian or Swiss electricity one; whereas SP use a Spainish one, but regarless the separate radio data network WAN box is attacted on top of the electricty meter is what is commanded.

posted by Snigehere | 11 months ago
Re: SMETS2 after switching to Scottish Power
I have exactly the same issue.. i moved from SSE to SP at the start of May and they still don't have data showing up in my account.. customer services now (as of last week) claim its an external issue and are working on it but its now 2 months since I moved to SP. I opened a complaint a month ago and last week they asked to close it because its an external issue.. I declined because they were not able to satisfactorily explain what the issue was. I have no confidence anyone knows what to do .. each time i ask i get told it will be a couple of weeks... the move process from SSE to SP was painfull with SSE still billing me for gas 2cqeeks after I moved... each company blaimed the other...