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SMETS2 for all new installations now?

posted by seymour999 | 2 months ago

I’ve held off having a smart meter for years waiting for SMETS. The hounding from Scottish Power when they were trying to get rid of their SMETS1 meters seems to have stopped now. I believe that from January they had to install SMETS2 for all new installations but have a feeling there may still be some loopholes. If I order a meter now am I GUARANTEED to now receive a SMETS2? There is nothing to help on the website but the presence of a SMET2 user guide when I search gives cause for hope!


posted by Jonnel | 2 months ago
Re: SMETS2 for all new installations now?
@seymour999 There are other considerations than just if SP will fit SMETs2 meters from now on. The DCC infrastructure is a long way from being fully rolled out yet so even now, people with SMETs2s are not guaranteed to have the remote reading facility assured. Added to that, there is quite a lot of talk in the press, not just in here, that IHDs are unreliable, and even that installation teams are not all capable of a successful fitting in all circumstances.

I'm waiting until the tech and support system is fully tried and tested before getting smarted-up. Then I'll be ready for when they start raising prices for peak rate usage.

posted by seymour999 | 2 months ago
Re: SMETS2 for all new installations now?
Thanks Jonnel for that background, understood. I’m happy to have a SMETS2 meter installed without full functionality at this point. What I’m not happy with is inadvertently having a SMETS1 installed which then ceases to function if/when I change suppliers. Can anyone say what Scottish Power are installing now, September 2019 as a matter of policy?

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posted by Davc | 2 months ago
Re: SMETS2 for all new installations now?

@seymour999   SP say they are installing only Smets2, but they have so many contractors only loosely controlled that anything is still possible. I would leave it until late 2020 before accepting a smart meter and hope that by that time most of the bugs have been ironed out. Having said that and despite many complaints on this forum, they say that most installations work correctly, this forum does focus on problems and can give a pessimistic view.

posted by Gavalar | 4 weeks ago
Re: SMETS2 for all new installations now?

I had a smets2 fitted on thursday if that helps.

posted by Neilix | 3 weeks ago
Re: SMETS2 for all new installations now?

Had a SMET 2 installed, as I wanted to go to a economy 7 to reduce the cost of charging my electric vehicle overnight.

Rang today to change the tariff, and was told my smart rate is only capable of single rate. 

The poor lady assumed I had a SMET 1 installed, but when I told her its a SMET 2. She then said I needed a 2 rate SMET 2. I  honestly can't believe anything I am told anymore.

posted by Davc | 3 weeks ago
Re: SMETS2 for all new installations now?

@Neilix   How confusing, at least you know now what to ask for, I hope they will come back with the correct meter.