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Scottish power App, help and support function not working.

posted by HMills1991 | A year ago
Hi everyone,

I’ve been in touch with the scottish power chat via the website. I have raised the issue that the help and support feature is not working on the app, once clicking on it via my account in the bottom right corner, nothing is loading it’s just a blank white screen. I’ve restarted my phone, deleted and reinstalled the app and still does not work. For information everything else within the app is working great and fine.

All my settings on my phone are the same and nothing has changed, I’ve even double checked to make sure. My internet connection is working great. Even when connected to WiFi the issue is no better.

This particular issue is even more frustrating as I’m trying to resolve an on going issue regarding a faulty gas smart meter I have via chat with one of your agents. As the apps help and support feature is not working I’m not getting notifications as to when the agent is replying, and after a while they disconnect me as I’m not responding. But how can I respond quickly on my phone when no notifications are given via the internet chat platform as the apps is not working.

Can anyone help in this instance? Or shed some light on the situation. I’ve had faulty smart meters installed, my IHD unit is not working and the app constantly fails and I’m getting no where. Poor service and infrastructure! Regretting staying with scottish power at the moment!

posted by kazza1602 | A year ago
Re: Scottish power App, help and support function not working.

 i am having a nitemare with scottish power customer service is very unhelpful . We moved to our bungalow in December 2019 and the gas and electric was supplied by scottish power , i have always been a british gas customer but decided to try SP .The meters installed were old prepayment which they said the end of january they would update them to smart meters . The meter fitter came and said he had never fitted a gas smart meter before and that became a pantomine as he was guided by someone over the phone ! that said meter is very wobbly .. everything worked ok for 6 weeks until 2 weeks ago the inhome smart display stopped working and just reads locating balance and after following all the guidelines to reset nothing still doesnt work , the app on my phone doesnt work to top up either or use the chat online option . I have rang SP several times who say they wont replace the broken in house display until the next smart meter phase is in my area ! they told me to top up with them which i did and the money never went on the meter then I had to prove the money left my account for them to give me a UTR number which is so much fun to enter in meters that are positioned in very small places after 1hour of trying they excepted the amount but ive been told I have to do this every week until the app is mended ????? its an absolute joke . Scottish power then said they cant make an appointment over the phone to get the wobbly meter checked and i have to wait for the next phase of smart meters to be availiable ! what a company !!!!

posted by DaveGH | 7 months ago
Re: Scottish power App, help and support function not working.

The IOS version is the pits. Never had a problem with the Android version. The IOS version on either IPhone or IPad  keeps telling me my log in details are incorrect. I have the latest version of IOS. Have uninstalled and reinstalled the App numerous times and carefully typed in the correct information. No one at Scottish Power seems particulary bothered in  this matter

posted by zag | 7 months ago
Re: Scottish power App, help and support function not working.

They take your money via the app but it never arrives on the meter and to add insult to injury the 20 didgit utrn number flashed off the screen and i cant get it back all helplines are closed and the online chat has disappeared. I called them 4 weeks ago for a statement still waiting. Once i get it im changing supplier ive had six months off hell with these idiots.

posted by David1705 | 6 months ago
Re: Scottish power App, help and support function not working.
Agree it’s absolute tosh! Tried calling Scotpower myself about it and as you say they couldn’t care less....

posted by Darren180913 | A month ago
Re: Scottish power App, help and support function not working.
Was convinced to get a smart meter soci could top up using phone.... What a joke! The app dosent update so therefore the smart device dosent sync, worked for 2 hours then stopped! Now customer services have told me to use a bar code to top up, so basically I've swapped my electric key for a barcode and now I can only use payzone not my old shop....

Not very smart these meters are they!

I knew this would be a mistake and they certainly won't be touching the gas meter which the engineer didn't have time to do...

What a complete waste of time my advice to anyone that wants a smart meter to top up in there phone then don't the app dosent work it only updates when it wants so you'll be left topping up and waiting days for it to be added.

Rang up customer service and I've been hung up on twice in the end a rep gave me a a 20 digit code I had to manually input to get the credit on, absolutely ridiculous