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posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter 2nd Generation?

Technical question, but I think the energy companies send a signal to their meter to switch to DCC, wilol not happen until 2020 tho.

posted by netcat | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter 2nd Generation?

I recived a text message yesterday to install a smart meter.  When queried which version will be installed, I've been told SMETS1.  So anybody looking for 2nd genaration, don't hold your breath.  I've cancelled my installation for now until I've got a solid answer that SP will install SMETS2.     I don't want an outdated dumb technology which is no better than my good old trusty analogue meters.

posted by GlenO | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter 2nd Generation?

Thanks for this tip, I'm going to wait too

posted by 9ine | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter 2nd Generation?
I don’t understand the point of of these meters, how do smart meters save money anyway, after a couple of weeks you’ll forget about the smart meter anyway, we are all paying for the manufacture and install of these through our bills, whilst the utility companies save money buy not having to employ so many meter readers.

posted by Jonnel | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter 2nd Generation?

@ 9ine - You're right, they don't. The onus will always be on the customer to turn stuff down or switch stuff off. If they don't, there's only one way energy can be saved and few people realise it's aready built into SMETs1.

And as far as I've been able to make out the second generation smart meters will be worse in that respect. SMETs2 will still have the ability to remotely and instantly change tariffs on people, as well as keeping the ability to cut them off without the power company having to get an injunction to enter their home. So I guess people will have to hope that that 'remote tariff alteration' will only be used to lower your bill... I'm sure it will...

The fact that when rolled out, SMETs2 will be able to migrate data to an alternate supplier if the customer should switch, whereas the first generation ones become 'dumb' then becomes a mixed blessing.

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter 2nd Generation?

Hi Jonnel, you raise an interesting point, when smart meters are finally universal in the UK the power companies can then introduce variable pricing, and that is the true and main reason for the whole programme.

Variable pricing will, it is thought, enable management of demand and enable better use of energy resources like wind, solar,  gas and nuclear.  This could save the whole country vast amounts of money. It is simplistic and slightly paranoid to suppose the only reason for variable tariffs is to milk consumers.  In the future we can expect peak time electricity to be much more expensive, and off peak electricity quite cheap. It is a future which we must all get used to, but probably not until 2025 or later.  Where this leaves fixed tariffs, home solar and Economy 7, I don't know and probably has not been addressed yet.

So yes, the idea that smart meters save us money is false, the only way to save money is to turn off appliances.   The meters might however draw your attention to wasted power, if only the IHDs worked properly.

posted by Chads19 | 11 months ago
Re: Smart Meter 2nd Generation?

posted by Amster | 10 months ago
Re: Smart Meter 2nd Generation?


So smart meters are now being rolled out by Scottish Power (May 2019). They will book you in. It takes 90 minutes or perhaps even 2 hours to install and commission.

They will change your gas meter and they will change your electric meter.

The gas meter is replaced with a similar large meter. You don't get a nice small E6 version, but the large (twice size) U6P version (diaphragm) with a bolt on smart meter - full electronic would have been nice - and another supplier is rolling those out (I forget who) but not Scottish power. The gas meter is self powered for 10 years odd)

When done, you are given you smart display. I was not able to see the Gas metering (only electric) and was told it would take up to 48 hours for the Gas section to appear. At 48 hours, I called the installing company who said I would require a new gas meter and to contact Scottish Power.

I contacted Scottish Power and they told me that it could take up to a month as the national database is updated . . . (three different answers!) but essentially also, the costing shown on my meter will mean nothing until it is synced properly which as said could take up to a month.

posted by Vijay | 9 months ago
Re: Smart Meter 2nd Generation?

Hi Amster, Did you get the 2nd gen SMETS2 meter?


posted by GeorgeShort | 7 months ago
Re: Smart Meter 2nd Generation?
Scottish Power are an absolute joke with this Gen 2 smart meter I was promised one in November 18 if I moved to them. Then they said in April 19 they would fit one still no meter. Plus they said my DD would be £78 a month told them at the time too low. Three months later they wanted £160 a month when I was with Utilita I never once paid any more than £100 a month. This company just tell lies after lies.