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Smart Meter App

posted by Buz | 4 years ago
Hi. We just had Scottish Power Smart meters. So far so good. But does anyone know if an App is available that connects to the Smart meters or IHD? Previously I had 2 Wi-fi devices that I could read my meters remotely. Thanks

posted by mickeydee2018 | 4 years ago
Re: Smart Meter App
Sorry this is not a service Scottish power offers.

posted by alibro | 4 years ago
Re: Smart Meter App
I used to be able to view my smart meter useage on the SP app, showing daily use etc that seems to have disappeared??

posted by TommyB | 4 years ago
Re: Smart Meter App
I had gas and electric smart meters fitted in March and I cannot see any usage information whatsoever.
SP are getting regular updates and they cannot even generate a bill for me.
Does anyone else have problems with the app and getting Scottish Power to try and resolve this issue.
I am now getting no information from the app and wish I had never allowed them to install smart meters.
I would be interested to know if I am the only one affected.

posted by Xmatix | 4 years ago
Re: Smart Meter App
I have the same problem. I use to seen every day usage from smart meter but from month or two there is only seasonal usage. I spoke with them and lady said she doesn't what is the issue. Online system working well. I think I ring them again to speak with someone else.

posted by Agnesconnell | 3 years ago
Re: Smart Meter App
My brother has same problem and his bills have trippled since it has been installed SP have been no help what so ever

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Smart Meter App

There is a fault with the App, which by now almost everyone knows about. You can still use your IHD to show consumption and the latest meter readings which you can send in to SP to get an up to date bill. There is no reason for costs to be tripple what they were before smart meters etc, maybe your estimated bills have been too high?

posted by plantfoot | 3 years ago
Re: Smart Meter App
I can not see any data from my smart meters on SP app I used to when first installed then all info disappeared. Rang them for help no help offered. Also my electric and gas useage seems to be higher since smart meters were installed . Not happy

posted by Flossy | 3 years ago
Re: Smart Meter App

I have phoned Scottish Power four times asking why the app has stopped showing daily and hourly consumption, each time I have been fobbed off with excuses of ‘They are working on the app’, ‘We will look into it. ‘They are working on WiFi in your area.  Does anybody really know the truth, it was really useful in pinpointing thirsty  electrical equipment. And surely that is the idea of the smart meter.

posted by plantfoot | 3 years ago
Re: Smart Meter App

I have the same problems,l live in the North East of England. I too rang and talked to someone in chat about this the problem with the app . I got no good answer, now I send meter readings every time I use my iPad as the meter readings download automatically to my iPad  when I open send new readings. This probably does not give them more work but it makes me feel as it might . 

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