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posted by connor | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter App
I have been prromised a write-up (App) three times, nothing having been explained or handed over at timne of smart meter installation (April this year) -after 'phoning Scottish Power(an agonising long-winded business) and (9 separate requests) no smart meter App (write-up) has come here -

We are on the recently announced Priority Services Register - this morning I asked again for a Smart Meter write-up and for the second ime, a visiit tpo check a gasfire with qa faulty switch - (three calls)

posted by connor | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter App

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter App
Hi Conor, no instructions with the smart meter? Look on the SP website for information on your IHD ( the small monitor that comes with the smart meters)
Want a gas fire service? Ask a local gas fitter, you have to pay for fire maintenance.

There is no such thing as an App to describe the smart meter, that is why nothing has been sent to you.

posted by plantfoot | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter App

I hope this will help you


posted by lyndseyH | 12 months ago
Re: Smart Meter App
We have just got a smart meter fitted and have not been given the in-home device. I called ScottishPower and they said they were having difficulties with them so we’re not giving them out, I was told to download the app, but it is not showing me any real time usage, anyone else having issues, wonder if it takes a while to appear in the app or if I’m looking in the wrong place? Thanks

posted by Davc | 12 months ago
Re: Smart Meter App

Hi Lindsey, That is an interesting comment from SP, they are now admitting there is a problem with the IHD.  The App does not do quite the same job as it will only show consumption up to the most recent meter read. The IHD in contrast is completely live, when it works. Not to be too pessimistic, but there have been a lot of problems with the App as well.

posted by alcoz | 11 months ago
Re: Smart Meter App
This has happened to me
Makes the app near useless

posted by Ells | 10 months ago
Re: Smart Meter App

Hello All

I had a smart meeter installed last year.  The App that you can down load from the App Store was working perfectly until the 1st of Jan 2019.  Now it's gone bonkers!  so from an average of £6.00 a day usage...  apparetly I am spending on average £7,000 = £10,000 a day.  Obviously I have rung up to make sure that I won't actually be charged this value.  I am assured that no my usage remains about my usual average for the winter.    But am very very very annoyed....   why provide an App that you can't use because it gives you sleepless nights!!!!!!     2 years ago I got landed with a a bill for £1700 that I was not expecting....   I could not dispute the bill as I was not tracking my consumption.  Since the I have been very very careful.    But because I had the smart meter and app, I would login daily to just keep an eye, so have not been making a note of my meter readings.   Come On Scottish Power.....   You make us feel like we have to be responsible users but do not give us the correct tools help us out.  Customer Services won't admit there is a problem, but when they login as a user to check your account they say that there is no data.    Please Please Please SP sort this out!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Davc | 10 months ago
Re: Smart Meter App

Hello Ells, your App experience has been reported by a lot of people, the most recent update has gone wrong and will no doubt get reissued.  Check that you smart meters are not giving you estimated bills. Take readings from the IHD and send them in manually to be sure. Nobody can install and forget when it comes to smart meters they frequently fail in transmission..

posted by Problemsgalore | 10 months ago
Re: Smart Meter App

I am having problem after problem with app. It wasn't showing me elec only gas so I rang and told sp who said uninstall and reinstall but did that 10 times and didn't work so they said they would reset it and now it says I used about 5 yrs elec usage just yesterday. I nearly passed out when I saw it. Had a smart meter so I could keep an eye on usage, it packed up and apparently another one wouldn't work, I need 2 new meters and new in house display. Speak to 5 people and they all tell you different things. The worry is making me ill.