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posted by SomersetBob | 11 months ago
Re: Smart Meter App
No need to worry, the app is lying. I used £78000 of electricity in December according to the app, but not in reality. It is probably the in home display that has packed up and not the meters. Just read the meters like you did before before they got all 'smart'.

posted by Davc | 11 months ago
Re: Smart Meter App

Too true Bob

posted by gogsmcintosh | A month ago
Re: Smart Meter App

I'm having problems with the app, I see on this page I'm not alone. It used to work up to a couple of months back and it just stopped working. I changed to a smart meter about 2 years ago and what used to happen with the app was that it would ask for me to view the current account or closed account. Now from about 2 months ago it now only shows the closed account, therefore unable to generate daily usage etc. The help section on the app is useless, they just stick to a script. I've also been on the twitter page asking a very simple question...can you remove the closed account so that the app only opens the current account?  But no...nothing...I can't always get to my laptop and I've just fitted a new radiator, I want to keep an eye on the usage but can't. The app used to be great for this. Why all of a sudden it stopped, I dunno. I would try calling them but I may get the same script. It's a simple thing I want done, probably someone at SP just needs to uncheck a box but then that may be too easy.

posted by Davc | A month ago
Re: Smart Meter App

@gogsmcintosh   The apps have all sorts of problems, you could try deleting and re installing it, also check you have the latest Apple or Android operating system. But it this is something specific to your account you can only take daily meter readings to see how the new radiator is doing. 

posted by nicki | 4 weeks ago
Re: Smart Meter App
Not happy with the service Scottish power is providing the minute had this smart meter. Unable to top up works sometimes n not others. At the moment am switching so all of a sudden the app isn’t letting me top up and some smart arse customer service advisor thinks would be a good idea to hit me with a 20 number code n send me to a shop so I will. Reasons why I would never recommend a service which is an inconvenience