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Smart Meter Not Working

posted by Mudwimp | 3 years ago

At the end of last year we were encouraged by Scottish Power to have Smart Meters installed. We agreed and, sure enough, Scottish Power very quickly arranged for our new smart meters to be fitted. However, this was at the beginning of this year (2018) and it was particularly cold. In fact we were told that, although our gas meter was not 'working', it was probably due to the extreme weather. We were assured that the meter would work when the weather warmed up a bit.

Assured that our energy use was being monitored in supposed  'real time' we got on with our lives. I was (and still am) recuperating from a massive heart attack and we were also  well and truly distracted after my daughter announced that she was preganant with our first grandchild.

Then, at the start of August 2018, we were informed by Scottish Power that they had encountered a problem with our direct debit payments. Consequently, and for the first time since having new smart meters fitted, I actually took the time to check my bills and my energy usage. To my utter surprise it became apparent that, even though we were being charged for our gas 'use' our smart meter had never provided any actual data whatsoever. I went to check my smart meter and immediately noticed that it was still entirely blank  - just as it had been on the first day it was fitted. There was NO record of any gas usage at all. To make things worse, we had just experienced the hottest Summer for many decades which meant I had barely used my gas central heating at all. So,  I had been charged a significant amount, based entirely on 'estimated' calculations!

I contacted Scottish Power, almost 8 weeks ago, and informed them of this problem. They promised to sort things out. So far, they have not.

Then, this week, I contacted Scottish Power again and was told that the company who fit the Smart Meters (who I was told are called 'Providor') had 'refused' to fix or replace any faulty Smart Meters - meaning I was 'stuck' with no way of anyone (including Scottish Power nor myself) actually knowing how much gas I was using or how much I actually owed! I found this explanation so astonishing that I decided to ring 'Providor' myself. Providor assured me they had not refused a job request regarding my Smart Meter and, in fact, they had never received such a request from Scottish Power?!! I was mystified.

So, I have been paying hundreds of pounds to Scottish Power, throughout one of the hottest Summers on record, while my actual gas usage has (apparently) not been recorded or monitored by anyone.

As things stand Scottish Power still have two days to resolve my complaint (which looks very unlikely) while I was told, just today, that they will not be replacing any faulty smart meters - for at least the next few months - as there is too much of a backlog. 

So, my question is, can an energy provider actually charge you for energy usage which they have not - and possibly never shall be able to - prove you have actually used?

Secondly, can I ask that you think long and hard before you agree to have a smart meter fitted because (as I have learned to my cost) once you change, it is highly unlikely that you will be allowed to go back to your old metering system.

I thought having Smart Meters would be a 'dream' for my home but, so far, it's just been a total nightmare.


posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Smart Meter Not Working

Terrible Saga, I sympathise.  However it may be that your gas meter is recording, they normally have blank screens and you have to press buttons to wake them up to display a reading. You should do this straight away and if possible telephone in your manual reading. 

posted by Mudwimp | 3 years ago
Re: Smart Meter Not Working

Thanks Davc. However, I've pressed all the buttons etc but, alas, no joy! It's not gonna 'wake up' anytime soon that's for sure.

posted by lenj | 2 years ago
Re: Smart Meter Not Working

Hi had smart meters installed, not working from day 1 , No of attempts to get resolved, all get is will call you back, called back at times told them would not be available. Still no resolution, contractor called to audit installation, concluded that it was not installed correctly, then left not fixed.

Gave new meter readings, S/power said not right as big difference from previous reading so gave estimate. Total waste of time, installed to meet targets not help customer.

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: Smart Meter Not Working

Hi Lenj. Two issues, if the audit was not passed it should lead to a correction, You could follow it up  

Also if your meter reading was wrong you need to find out why. Did you read it wrongly or was the previous reading wrong? 

Remember when meter reading to ignore numbers after a decimal point and use leading zeros to fill all the boxes if you enter the readings on line. 

posted by Jeandog | 2 years ago
Re: Smart Meter Not Working

I changed to Scottish Power Last September. I already had Smart Meters when asked to give readings, I told Scottish Power that GAS SMART METER was not working, reads 000003, and still reads this. I've Emailed tried  ringing (nightmare) had two appointments to mend/fix what ever made, both cancelled, by Scottish Power. Just received E-mail asking for my meter readings. I CAN NOT SUPPLY THE GAS, SMART METER NOT Working. Don't know what to do next.

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: Smart Meter Not Working

Hello Jean Send your message to Scottish Power on 




posted by lissie | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter Not Working

My smart meter is still not working (March 2020) and has not worked for the last 6 months.  I cannot enter my meter readings because my external meter will not give me the separate electricity readings so I am still being billed on estmated readings although I told Scottish Power about this problem 6 months ago.  My Internal display has not worked since August 2019 and SP can give me no indication when or even if, this situation will ever be resolved.  Whatever you do DO NOT succumb to pressure and agree to have a smaret meter fitted they are a complete nightmare.  

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter Not Working

@lissie   I suppose from you saying separate readings you mean you have a day rate and night rate. These can be made to show on the external meter. You have to press the right buttons, sometimes they are separate buttons, sometimes it is a number pad and sometimes you press once for day and twice for night..Look at the make and model of your meter and look on line for instructions..Your smart meter installer should have told you how to read the meters in case they stop transmitting.  It is another example of very poor and rushed installations.

posted by 12APower | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter Not Working

My smart meter just says        "Waiting for cuuent data" and does nothing else

What can I do?