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Smart Meter installation when one is already fitted form a previous supplier

posted by Poohbear | A year ago

I had someone call me out of the blue last weekend from Providor (although on the phone she said she was from Scottish Power).  I called back today to find out what it is about and was told Smart Meters are being installed in my area.  I was asked if I had a received a letter through the post about this, to which I replied that I hadn't seen anything from SP by any means.  I agreed to make an appointment for the installation but when I said that we already had a smart meter fitted (a very old one from Eon that doesn't work any more) I was told that I couldn't have a smart meter fitted by SP.  What happens now?


posted by  Eilidh | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter installation when one is already fitted form a previous supplier

Hi @Poohbear, upon further investigation into this matter, we have identified your home already has smart meters installed by your previous energy supplier. Therefore as your home is already recognised as having smart metering technology i.e. being “smart ready” we wouldn’t look to replace them straight away with one of our meters and as such no installation appointment should have been offered by our appointed installers.  ScottishPower, like all UK energy suppliers, is aware once you change your energy company your smart In Home Display and meters may lose some functionality and as such it will not display you any smart consumption data.  That is why we have worked with all internet broker sites and inbound/outbound sales centres to ensure they ask and advise of the current limitations to existing smart meter customers who are looking to change their energy provider. Rest assured we are working within the industry to solve this issue to ensure all smart ready customers receive the ability to keep their bills accurate and help them reduce their energy. To support this aim the UK Government has asked for an independent 3rd party company to be established, called the Data Communication Company (DCC) to handle the exchange of all the UK smart data between energy suppliers. Once this company is fully operational we would hope to be able to support a wide range of meters, including those fitted by other suppliers, from this time next year.

posted by Poohbear | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter installation when one is already fitted form a previous supplier

I'm not going to mark that as an accepted solution because it isn't.  It's a cop out.  We have a stupid system in this country where we all pay over the odds for our utilities just because some stupid prime minister decided that it should be privatised and now we have hundreds of different companies selling us the same stuff we've always had and charging us more and more every year.  Then despite the fact that they all know that the system is such that people can swap and change their supplier once a month if they want to, they all start installing "Smart" meters (dumb meters would be a better name) which become useless as soon as you change supplier.  They also try and tell us that these smart meters are somehow for our benefit, when it is plainly obvious that all they do is make it cheaper for the companies to collect the meter readings because they can sack all their meter readers and save on the admin involved in getting us to read their meters for them.  I don't care whether I have a smart meter or not but I now have a display that doesn't work so when I'm asked to do your job for you, I have to go and open the meter cabinets to read the numbers directly on the meter.

posted by newitt | 5 days ago
Re: Smart Meter installation when one is already fitted form a previous supplier
British Gas meter was installed in property few years back. Now two years with SP . I believe the bills are extremely expensive for small two bed bungalow. I have to read them and have 1 Gas read and 2 Electric reads. £160 pm . How can I get this checked to verify it is correct. I am not a heavy user and there are only two of us and I am in a low tariff . Can I ask to have the meter removed for a normal one that I can read easier as the one I have is in a very awkward position and as I am very elderly I find it hard to read . ScottishPower have read it twice in two years

posted by Davc | 5 days ago
Re: Smart Meter installation when one is already fitted form a previous supplier
Yes that is too much for a small property. You may be getting estimated bills, it will say on the bill if it is actual or estimate. Two electric readings means you have a two rate system for night storage heaters. If you now use gas for heat and don’t have storage heaters you should go onto a single rate system.

posted by newitt | 3 days ago
Re: Smart Meter installation when one is already fitted form a previous supplier
They are read by me but to be honest it is with great difficulty as two meter reads are for electric and other with one read for electric. I have asked to have them replaced by conventional ones and am waiting to hear back. I have been complaining for awhile now as when I originally changed to them I was not directly put onto dual fuel which I asked for but it took six months for them to accomplish this . In all fairness they gave me a discount. Not that I think it was enough. I just want to be able to read an easier meter instead of having to keep pressing buttons to get the correct reads