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Smart Meter installation

posted by Carol1234567 | 5 months ago
After taking a days holiday from work the contractor came to fit the new smart meter. After several attempts to link the meters to the In Home Display he had to put the old gas meter back on. A complete waste of a days holiday.

posted by Tallat | 5 months ago
Re: Smart Meter installation

The installation was supposed to take place yesterday and after having been bombarded with text after text no one turned up and no smart meter was installed - a complete mess

posted by Davc | 5 months ago
Re: Smart Meter installation

@Tallat   It is the contractors who take on too many appointments. 

posted by Tallat | 5 months ago
Re: Smart Meter installation

OK noted but that does not help me, the Client, its up to SP to make sure they can control the contractors and I am not sure thats being done

posted by Custo | 4 months ago
Re: Smart Meter installation
Had been called numerous times to have smart meter installed finally gave in & agreed to have one fitted, complete waste of my time & theirs, their is a commissioning issue with some of these meters & no solution in sight from installers or scottish power, so there is no advantage or point in having one fitted until they sort this out, think they are just pushing customers into having them installed to meet their targets irrespective of whether they work or not

posted by Davc | 4 months ago
Re: Smart Meter installation

@Custo  Yes you are right it is a numbers game, whether they work or not.  At least you have a smart meter that is no worse than a standard meter,and will work eventually.  Meanwhile get used to reading it manually. 

posted by kevraff | 4 months ago
Re: Smart Meter installation

I had the same problem.  Scottish Power promised me Sixty Pounds compensation for the failed installation - but then (after several phone calls to find out why I hadn't received  the money) they changed their story and told me that the responsibility was Avoco's (the installer).

I phoned Avoco and they told me that the responsibility was Scottish Power's not thiers.

I'm pretty sure that you're entitled to compensation if they fit a smart meter and it doesn't work - but of course they'll do their best to avoid telling you about it/paying it if you find out about it.

I fully intend to complain to Ofgem force them to pay me my sixty quid and send another engineer out on the weekend to to get my smart meter working.

posted by Shadow | 4 months ago
Re: Smart Meter installation
My smart meters were installed in July. Electricity works but gas still is incapable of communicating with Scottish power. A person from sp called me in August and told me they were working on it. Smart meters I think are a governmental con to pretend to save the planet.

posted by Curmudgeon | 4 days ago
Re: Smart Meter installation

And for the fourth time they have rung me to cancel the installation. Complete joke, but at least this time they have given me 6 days notice. The last time they cancelled on the morning of the installation, despite an earlier tet reminding me of the appointment.