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Smart Meter manual readings

posted by JohnF | A year ago
I had a smart meter fitted 2 years ago and it has consistently failed to provide info to me. For the last 2 readings it has failed to provide readings to Scottish Power either. While I believe it should be repaired I am concerned about the manual readings I am submitting Gas is no problem but electricity meter has three red buttons a b & c with no other info - they seem to work a menu system up / down / select with multiple read outs like bill / export ( I have roof panels ) / import ( and many others ) - I submit the import readings but have no idea if this is correct - as the meter is not really intended to be manually read why is it not being repaired ?
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posted by DavC1 | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter manual readings

@JohnF    Many reasons why meter sendings fail, most likely intermittent mobile signal.   Meanwhile get online and look for help for reading the type of meter you have, your installer should have told you how to read it but often they do not bother. You should be able to guess the correct menu item by seeing a reading that is in sequence to the previous automatic readings.  
It is ironic that if the auto system fails then smart meters are much harder to read correctly than traditional meters. Is this a good design feature? no it is  lazy metering design done with no allowance for consumer skills. So many different meter brands are used, why on earth did the authorities not make them all similar with an intuitive system, like a big button that is labelled Readings. Huh.