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posted by pauline100 | 2 months ago
Re: Smart Meter not working - abysmal service

 They only put these unworkable smart meters in to keep numbers up so it looks like they are complying with government but really they are just wasting so much of  money resources and time.  

posted by Steva | 3 days ago
Re: Smart Meter not working - abysmal service
Joined scottish power a month ago fixed 1 year deal, part of the deal is to have smart meters installed. Had them installed last week installer could not commission them or leave display and left my house without checking all the power was back on which it wasn't just as well we are not OAPs and I am a qualified electrician. No communication whatsoever from Scottish power so I called them and was told that I was on a waiting list to be commissioned up to 90 days long.
Totally regret signing up to this joke of a company.