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Smart Meter or monitoring and no IHD?

posted by awrightuk | 5 months ago

We have been with SP since we moved into a new build in December 2017. It seems we have some smart monitoring as we can view a number of limited graphs (for electricity) via the website however this really only tells us what we already know about general trends over longer periods.

What we really want is a proper Smart Meter with an IHD where we can look at usage in real time for both electric & gas. Is this something else entirely that needs to be installed and why would this functionality not have been built in right from the start given the push towards Smart Meters?

I have looked through all of the FAQs but can't find anything that explains our situation.



Top answer

posted by Jonnel | 5 months ago
Re: Smart Meter or monitoring and no IHD?
I guess it would've been the builder's decision not to fit smart meters in their development during construction. Given that there are many circumstances where smart meters don't work correctly, you can't blame them for not doing - it's possible they know something you don't about functonality issues there. Have you asked them?

If I were you I would research more before going to your supplier and asking for smart meters to be installed. Suppliers have installation targets that are clearly skewing their advice responsibilities, so aren't totally unbiased.

Granted, this forum is more of a venting site than a constructive advice one, and doesn't have a large enough population to be truely representative of the smart meter installation program, but you CAN get from here a rough idea of the kinds of issues users face when smart meters are fitted where they don't work.

My personal opinion is that the tech and supporting infrastructure isn't yet reliable enough for me to consider them. I know they won't yet work in my home.

posted by alie | 4 months ago
Re: Smart Meter or monitoring and no IHD?

Why does Scottish Power refuse to replace a missing Display panel that my tenants stole when they left?There is no point in having a smart meter unless you have the home display.Maybe there is another reason smart meters were fitted? Apparently, even if requested to put meters in dumb mode, they still transmit using  CGI which Scottish power can then retireve the data from, What a con.


posted by Jonnel | 4 months ago
Re: Smart Meter or monitoring and no IHD?

Now there's a question....I guess it all depends on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go...

The buzz I heard is that because smart meters can transmit meter readings every half hour, energy providers will be able to enforce 'peak-time' tariffs for when demand is high regionally or nationally, because regulations say they have to charge 'by the half-hour.' The argument for that is that it'll 'encourage' people to spread their usage over the day because it'll be dearer to use electric between, say, 5pm and 10pm. But how many people won't be wanting to cook an evening meal when they get home of an evening, or won't want to put the tv on for the news at 6. Or Corrie. Or the sport ?

If you want to chase the conspiracy theorists right down that hole, you can start talking to people about how smart meters can remotely cut off someone's supply (through non-payment of a bill, or whatever) without the provider having to get a court order to enter the house, like they do now.

You know how you get charged a tariff rate depending on how many units you use? Well, if a smart meter can be remotely switched off, could it be remotely controlled to alter the SIZE of a unit, so it registered more units for the same amount of electricity or gas used?

Nah... It couldn't, could it?

posted by Davc | 4 months ago
Re: Smart Meter or monitoring and no IHD?

@alie   The purpose of smart meters is to send meter readings automatically to your supplier, no conspiracy there, it is what they are supposed to do. You also get a little display unit which tells you what power you are using, but the display takes no part in sending readings, it only works within the home as a handy gadget,  Trouble is if one goes missing SP don't just send a new one because the display has to be paired to your meters by an engineer.

I hope @Jonnel was joshing when he talked about kWh not being recorded correctly, that would be madness and cause so much fury it would never be allowed. Yes the future is definitely variable tariffs, but variable kWh would be crazy.

posted by val | 4 months ago
Re: Smart Meter or monitoring and no IHD?
Have switched off our SM as do not think it’s ever been correct

posted by Davc | 4 months ago
Re: Smart Meter or monitoring and no IHD?

@val A lot of people switch off their display, it does not affect the meters at all. (It is only a display, not a meter)

posted by alie | 4 months ago
Re: Smart Meter or monitoring and no IHD?

We were persuaded that having a smart meter and having a display was to our advantage.This is a plain lie.Its only to suit the utility company.Its quite disgusting that we were sold this message that the display could show you what you were using and hence better for our pocket and the environment.What a load of toss.I always thought it was a con to get people to feel positive about the role out of new connected meters,that ONLY suit the suppliers,and I have just been proved right.


posted by Davc | 4 months ago
Re: Smart Meter or monitoring and no IHD?
Sure @alie the main thing is to send in the readings but the displays can help a lot, it is not such a complete deception. A lot of people say they know more about their power costs now.

posted by alie | 4 months ago
Re: Smart Meter or monitoring and no IHD?

And a lot of people cannot have the panel replaced if it stolen or lost defeating the purpose of having one, did you not understand or read my email??