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Smart Meter "alarm" noise

posted by M1st3rP3ngu1n | A year ago

We had a new Smart Meter installed this week. Today is made a noise a bit like a (not very loud) burglar alarm going off for about 3 minutes. Nothing unusual displayed on the screen, just this sound coming from the display unit. Any idea what that was all about?

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posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter "alarm" noise

Its not the smart meter making the noise it is your In Home Display or IHD. One of the setttings will turn off all sounds, but maybe it is trying to tell you you have exceeded your budget use for the day?  There is a lot about setting IHDs on Google and Youtube, have a look. If you set a higher budget it should not bleep but maybe it is easier to just turn off the sound.