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Smart Meter

posted by jsmart | 4 years ago
I have had an email asking me to give meter readings even though I have a smart meter. The letter even ironically suggests that I woulD be better off with a smart meter installed. I believe that the smart meters I have installed are not fit for purpose. I was promised no more need to send readings and the advertising suggests that I would not end up with large amounts of credit on my account currently running at over £300. This has been the case for over a year. My fixed rate has been changed again now increased to £107.00 and the other fixed options are even higher even though I am always in credit. I would like the option to only pay for what I use but that doesn’t seem to be an option? The fact that I am powerless to do anything other than switch is very irritating. I would like to contact Scottish power by e mail but the only option seems to be phone and when I rang I was told that I’m not the only person with the smart meter that isn’t smart - like that is a solution? I was also informed that if I switch I may not get a company that could read the smart meter. Today I received a request for reading and discovered an actual reading supposedly taken from the meter which was completely incorrect.

posted by annmaggs | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter

I have a smart meter but have been asked to send meter readings by email

posted by annmaggs | A year ago
Re: Smart Meter

posted by Googie | 2 weeks ago
Re: Smart Meter
Same here re useless smart meter. I ONLY have a bill produced if I send a meter reading! The meter's as smart as the cupboard door it's behind!

posted by DavC1 | 2 weeks ago
Re: Smart Meter

@Googie   Smart meters send readings all the time, so to avoid getting a bill every day they are sent usually quarterly.  If you need a bill you can send a manual reading.  

posted by James48 | A week ago
Re: Smart Meter
Why is it when I have a smart meter I still have to take reading of smart meter and send it in when Scottish Power have asked me what I want to do half hourly/Daily/Monthly readings and when I get the bill it says Actual reading and I am on fixed tariff until December 30th 2023 and my payments are getting bigger can you shed some light on this matter please from a confused customer

posted by DavC1 | A week ago
Re: Smart Meter

@James48    You should choose halfhourly for smart meter updates.  Your Dd will depend on your meter readings, if the smart meter has not started sending then send up to date meter readings.     Your fixed deal to 2023 fixes the unit costs, but the more units you use, the more has to be paid.