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posted by Boogiedave | 2 weeks ago
Re: Smart Meters and switching suppliers

Just switched to SP from EDF who installed a Smet 2 smart meter (E479 Type 5424) with a Chamelion 3 IHD.9 months ago. I'm told by SP support that the 'Smart Meter' will send my usage to them but they are unable to re-program my 'Smart Meter' with current tarriffs as the equipment is incompatable. The problem is, they fit exacty the same meter and IHD themselves and are able to update their own! My IHD will only display current usage and nothing else! 

Registered with 'Loop' and I get all the info on my phone now!

Anyone else sorted this problem?

posted by DavC1 | 2 weeks ago
Re: Smart Meters and switching suppliers

@Boogiedave   SP are not very good with technology and they quickly give up on IHD problems, at least yours does show something.  Thanks for the tip about Loop, I did not know about them.  Octopus are good with IT and quickly took over my British Gas IHD and gave it the right tariff details. I gave up on SP a few years ago, they try to help but their computer systems are in a mess.