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Smart Meters

posted by StuBloo | 10 months ago

I have recently transferred from British Gas and and already have Smart Meters fitted by British Gas and Npower.

Can these be used by Scottish Power to read my meters or will new ones have to be fitted?


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posted by Davc | 10 months ago
Re: Smart Meters

You may be lucky but probably you will have to take meter readings yourself and report them on line or by phone.

posted by brinman | 9 months ago
Re: Smart Meters

I am concerned that my smart meter is not able to transmit info. There have been warnings for the last three months that  Scottish Power were having trouble receiving info from my meters. It still hasn't been resolved. With the end of my fixed tarif I want an up to date revue of the payments and how they have been used to bill me with a correct amount. BRINMAN

posted by Xenon | 9 months ago
Re: Smart Meters

I have this problem constantly. I was told that the problem is with a third party company who are supposed to collect the data & make it available to Scotish Power.

My online meter readings are always out of date. If I try & enter meter readings online then they just seem to get lost !

It really is time that Scottish Power sorted this out. What is the point of smart meters if the data readings do get through to your account ?

posted by unhappyjohn | 9 months ago
Re: Smart Meters

Scottish Power are in a mess with their smart meters (which are not smart). I had mine fitted on30 Nov. and they still don’t work!, I have phoned SP on a number of occasions and , so far, they have not given an explanation. They always promise that ‘someone will phone you’ and they never do! It is an absolute shambles and they are  still trying to get more clients to have them fitted! Neither they or I know how my account stands (last week I was £1300.00in credit. I wish now I had never had these meters fitted, and would dissuade anybody from doing so. Somebody was supposed to phone me between 2and4pm- I knew it wouldn’t happen in spite of their promise, and guess what? It didn’t.

john winslett

posted by Alhinai | 9 months ago
Re: Smart Meters

Received a call and today email from a company Lowri Beck purporting to be part of Scottish Power and arranging to come and upgrade my meters to smart meter.  I did not receive any intimation to this effect from Scottish Power and nor do the Lowri Beck email mention Scottish Power, so my query to the community whether the LB Company is a genuine one and if so why no warning from Scottish Power to expect their call?

posted by Davc | 9 months ago
Re: Smart Meters

Hi Al, Lowrie Beck is one of SP's contractors for smart meters as shown on https://www.scottishpower.co.uk/energy-efficiency/smart-meters/

You are right SP should have contacted you first but if you want a smart meter it is alright to go ahead with Lowrie Beck's approach.


posted by alibro | 9 months ago
Re: Smart Meters
Hi all I’ve just contacted SPnas had my SM fitted in early jan, went on my SP app and the readings were there and then submitted, SP say they only got my electricity readings, I’m now not getting any readings on my app and the smart meter part of the app has disappeared so I can’t check online! I’m not very techy but been on smart meter to view my readings and they are showing on that but apparently there have been no readings sent through to SP since I did the last! I’ve had no email to ask for these either! I’m waiting for a call but reading all your posts it seems a mess! Referring to a previous post my app also showed me to be 300 pounds in credit when I last submitted so I reduced my dd on the app, it’s now gone back up without me changing it!! All very strange!

posted by Covbaggie | 9 months ago
Re: Smart Meters

Had my smart metre fitted beginning of Dec, I had to phone SP at the end of Jan to take a reading, the person  on the phone said that she had set the metre for a monthly reading /billing, it's now middle of March and still no bill?. I wonder if I cancelled my DD would they get their fingers out?. I for one would certainly not recommend having a smart metre fitted.

posted by Davc | 9 months ago
Re: Smart Meters

The smart meter can be set by you on-line to send readings at different time periods, the shortest is every half hour. If your meter sends a reading only once a month there is a chance that if the signal does not connect it will be another month before it tries again. You will stand a better chance of readings being updated if you shorten the time interval. You can also send in a manual reading in the normal way by phone or on line. This seems to be a common situation which leads people to suspect the meter is not working.