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Smart Meters

posted by acjgo | 12 months ago

Just had an invitation to install a smart meter...

I currently have a smart meter which was installed by a previous provider but it isn't possible to utilise the 'smart' functionality with Scottish Power!

My question being is it worthwhile installing a Scottish Power smart meter? ...what happens if I decide to switch at the end of my current contract? ...will I then have to go thru' the same process with my next provider? ...are the Scottish Power smart meters the latest ones which are compatible with other providers...maybe I should wait for the currently installed smart meter to become accessible by Scottish Power?

..advice please


Top answer

posted by Davc | 12 months ago
Re: Smart Meters

Hi, Interesting situation. If you can easily read your meter I would stay with the one you have. SP have not yet started with the latest meter type, they say end 2018, but don't hold your breath. I think your IHD will still work correctly, so the only disadvantage will be having to send in meter readings like in the old days. I have read that governmemt is working on a computer fix so that all meters whether ver1 or ver2 will be transferable between providers. This makes sense and would avoid replacing all the meters installed up to now.

posted by bumble | 11 months ago
Re: Smart Meters

SP state that the IHD provided with the smart meter will easily show in £s and pence what I am spending. This is false - I continue to have an incorrect tarriff applied to the IHD and therefore the costs displayed are woefully inaccurate. This has been the cse for a year + and stil SP have not resolved this- in spit of plentiful repeated promises to the contrary. I must have spent full days on the phone being passed to piller nd post. The customer service is dire and promised callbacks dont work - empty promises time and again......

posted by elsie | 11 months ago
Re: Smart Meters

With a smart meter,   a computer can tell so much about you,   when you are in, when you are out, when you are on holiday,  surely this is Big Brother,  why would anybody want a smart meter!   

Yes,  computer info can be hacked.

posted by Davc | 11 months ago
Re: Smart Meters

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to Smart Meters but the last thing I would worry about is a burglar going to the trouble to hack and analyse my readings to guess if I am home or not. It would be incredibly hard to do, and there are a lot easier ways of telling if someone is home. You really should not worry about this.

posted by agne | 11 months ago
Re: Smart Meters

Can someone help me.

My smart meter reader is faulty or something.

During the day it does not record/ show live gas usage.

And when i check next day, it shows previous days gas readings. So if on Friday reading was £1.73, and saturday £1.80. So when I check on Monday it shows that Friday reading was £1.65, Saturday £1.73 and sunday £1.80. And it does all the time, everyday. 

Had restarted it, but no improvement. 

I am wondering if this way it sends wrong details to Scottish power, and my bills are incorrect...

posted by KatyNellie | 11 months ago
Re: Smart Meters
I was told that SP won't start installing latest meters until old ones used up. What is the sense in that?? The sooner ALL meters compatible, the better!

posted by Davc | 11 months ago
Re: Smart Meters

Hi Agne. Your IHD (In Home Dispaly) has no influence on your bills. It only shows you in your house what power your meters are recording. The real smart meter is the thing screwed to the wall, it records the fuel use and sends it to SP maybe monthly or daily depending how you have set it in your account details.

I have no idea why you are seeing small differences in daily use on the IHD, but this has nothing to do with the bills and is only to give you some idea about the cost of your appliances. I do not think the IHD is faulty because of the small variations that you have seen.  The meters will continue to work quite happily even if you turn off the IHD but it does give useful information including  meter readings if you need to send them in any time.

posted by dwh0101 | 11 months ago
Re: Smart Meters


I just want to say the smart meter we have had fitted is a complete waste of time utterly useless if you are using it to budget how much power you use , its ok for SP to have up to the minute readin g of your usage but the display lasted 1 update and now its reading  some stupid readings like we are using £10.50 overnight when everything is turned off  3emails 5 phone calls to SP Not a thing has been done to repair or replace the display.I'm sorry to say its going because its of no use to me if i can't trust the display Marks out of 10   0


posted by Davc | 11 months ago
Re: Smart Meters

Hi Yes it is odd what your IHD is showing. It sounds like you are picking up the readings from your neighbour. You could check by seeing what reading it displays and see if it resembles your readings. There is always a reason for gadgets misbehaving, if it was me I would be interested in finding out. If it is your neighbour’s data move your ihd closer to your own smart meters.