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Smart Meters

posted by julie51 | 4 months ago

I have smart meters installed by british gas and have now moved over to scottish power 

As expected the meters have gone dumb What happens now ?

Are you going to replace them with smets2 meters or are the existing meters to be remotely upgraded?



Top answer

posted by Jonnel | 4 months ago
Re: Smart Meters

SMETs1 meters wont have to be replaced with a SMETs2 in order to re-establish their smart capabilities, probably not even an upgrade. But the adoption and enrolement of SMETs1-using customers into the DCC has been pushed back and back and back because of the slow refinement and supply of SMETs2. It was supposed to be 2018, then early 2019. It's now just... 2019.

The smart money (sorry for the pun) has always rested in waiting for a SMETs2 meter.

posted by regina | 3 months ago
Re: Smart Meters

i have a smart meter that is not working. it was put in years age by british gas when thy changes all the meters.

can you replace it for me