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Smart Meters

posted by Mrmarvellous007 | 5 months ago

I was due to have a Smart meter fitted yesterday 08.01.2019. Not until the engineer arrived was I told it was a first generation meter (Smet1) that would be fitted. These are not ransferable to another provider. Smet2 are supposed to be rolled out in the summer 2019. I cancelled te installation.

I can't understand why SP keep installing old tech. Most of the other providers have started fitting Smet2 meters and dropped the Smet1s. If I'd had the Smet1 fitted I would then go to the bottom of the pile for Smet2 to be installed. Therefore I decided to wait. Come SP get your act together and stop installing Smet1s when new tech is available. Or have you loads of Smet1s that you have purchased which will be obsolete.


posted by KT13 | 5 months ago
Re: Smart Meters

We had an appointment to have a smart meter fitted on the 21st Dec but they couldn't activate it so advised another appointment would need to be made to do this. I have been trying to make an appointment all day today (after getting no reply on Twitter) but have been on hold for ages. Please can someone help....I thought they had an online instant chat as well but couldn't find it? 

posted by Jonnel | 5 months ago
Re: Smart Meters

@KT13 https://www.scottishpower.co.uk/getintouch

Select any reason and the Webchat 'Want to talk to us?' box opens.

But every time over the last few weeks I've popped back to see if they're up, it's been unavailable. Wonder why.