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Smart displays in general

posted by Davc | 11 months ago
I just helped my daughter send a gas reading to EDF from her Eon smart meter. The display gives the gas reading in kWh with no way of displaying m3. How bad is that? How many people send in the wrong reading and get massive bills? If we think SP is bad it seems the other suppliers have just as many problems. The gas meter shows m3 on its screen for 10 seconds and then 7 other screens with unnecessary data. Who designed these things? The display can give budgets and a years history but not a current reading. I am appalled. The smart meter roll out was really not well designed.
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posted by Jonnel | 11 months ago
Re: Smart displays in general

@Davc I suspect that as is usual in situations like this, the blame for the problems rests across enough shoulders for it to be successfully deflected whenever the finger is pointed. "They" will get away with it. When this sort of thing kicks off, "They" always do.