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posted by  Eilidh | 3 years ago
Re: Smart electricity meter indicator lights

Sorry the engineer should have left instructions on how the in home display works, here's an online copy of the leaflet that should have been left https://www.scottishpower.co.uk/pdf/smart-meters/Smart-energy-display-user-guide.pdf


posted by Bucky | 3 years ago
Re: Smart electricity meter indicator lights

Eilidh, you have misunderstood the topic of this thread, it is about the lights on the meters not how to use the home display unit.  Thanks for suppling the home display unit instructions but if you read one of my earlier posts you will see that I had been sent a copy when I first enquired about the meter lights.  Fortunately Scousescottish's explanation has clearly answered my query.

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posted by Hooloovoo | 3 years ago
Re: Smart electricity meter indicator lights

Unfortunately the answer by @scottishscouse is also wrong.  They are referring to the green/amber/red traffic light system on the IHD.  I'm not sure why everyone is having such a hard time understanding that this question is about the electric meter itself and not the IHD.

The row of flashing green lights on the top left corner labelled 1 through 5 are communications/diagnostic lights.  You can safely ignore them.  The two red lights on the right hand side indicate the rate of electricity use, in two different units.  They flash faster when you are using more power.  You can try it by watching the flashing rate, then turning your kettle on, and you'll see they start flashing faster.  You can safely ignore these as well.

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posted by oblong | 2 years ago
Re: Smart electricity meter indicator lights

I have an Elster AS300p smart meter that belongs to Scottish Power.   As a domestic user I think you can ignore the bottom red light as this relates to reactive power and domestic users are not metered on reactive power.    Reactive loads are typically  large electric motors and other industrial appliances. The meter measures power consumption for Domestic users in KWHrs.   It does this by recording   what some people call "Buckets"  only when a full bucket is used does the meter record it and the red light flash.  The printing on the meter says 4000 imp/KWHr  ( safe to assume the light flashes 4000 time for each KWHr consumed ).   which equates to  1.11111 imp/KWsec, or one bucket is 1.11111KWsec.  If the leds are not flashing then weither you are using/exporting very little or no elctricity and the KWHr ( import or export)  meter readings will not be changing.

The meter records imported Power and Exported power.   I understand other meter models have red leds that do not flash when power is being exported.  The Elster AS300p has leds that flash for both import and export.  If you want to know if you are importing or exporting power by looking at theactual  meterthen look in the bottom right corner of the LCD display.   The small horizonal arrow will either point left or right depending on whether power is being imported or exported.    You can work out which is which by watching how the arrows change as you increase the power being used above what your panels are generating ( switch a 3KW kettle on).

The other symbls to the left of the arrows may relate to what tarrif is being used but as I do not have Economy7 or equivalent these do no change on my meter.  i am guessing the mountain with the horizontal line and R1 against it means I am on Tarrif 1 which is my peak ( only) Tarrif.

The 3 buttons on the right give you access to the Export Meter reading.  For those of you with Solar Panelswho export more than 50% of the power generated this may allow you to get higher FIT payments.

Pressing the middle button brings up a menu on the LCD. The top and bottom buttons navigate up and down the menu and pressing the middle one selects an item on the menu.  Don't select the  UTIL menu item, this needs a PIN and you will have to leave the meter to time out back to the normal display.   To get the cumulative export meterreading you need GENERAL>Total REG then use the up and down buttons to switch betwee Import and Export.   Other menu options may be of use if the meter is being used as a pre payment meter but otherwise not very informative.

Elster appears to be a Honeywell brand but I can only find a specification sheet on their website, no instructions or manuals.  I guess that is reasonable as no one wants hackers changing their meter setup and causing chaos.  

If anyone can add to or correct any of the above  I would be grateful.

Hope this helps.   


posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: Smart electricity meter indicator lights

Hi oblong, that is a good piece of research. There are so many meter brands in the smart rollout we need a web guide like yours for all the possible makes and models. 

posted by Samanthajwill19 | 5 months ago
Re: Smart electricity meter indicator lights
I got a flashing light on ma wan what does that mean??

posted by Davc | 5 months ago
Re: Smart electricity meter indicator lights

@Samanthajwill19     Wan means wide area network, so it means your meter is sending its meter readings to SP. Nothing to worry about.