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Smart meter but still getting estimated bills

posted by mrshdly | 3 years ago

I have had my smart meter since August 2017 but i am still receiving estimated bills. I thought we were supposed to recieve accurate usage bills that is the whole point to a smart meter???

Also i cannot figure out how to read the smart meter so i can send actual readings although i don't think i should have to do this. Getting close to leaving SP and trying someone new without a waste of time smart meter


posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Smart meter but still getting estimated bills
You can read the smart meter on your IHD, check its instructions, or from the meter itself, which should be obvious. Gas meters need you to press a button on the meter. Estimated bills are very common, just send in a reading in the old fashioned way. There are lots of meter reading instructions and IHD instructions on the SP website.

posted by mrshdly | 3 years ago
Re: Smart meter but still getting estimated bills
Thank you Davc I don't have any instructions with my smart meter and tried looking on the website but still couldn't figure it out. I didn't realise I could still read my gas meter as it just looked blank. I've done it now thanks for your help

posted by Janette | 2 years ago
Re: Smart meter but still getting estimated bills

I have a smart meter still getting estimated bills even when the chap comes to my door and reads my meter why is this 

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: Smart meter but still getting estimated bills

Hello Janette, Read through the community comments, Estimates mean your smart meters are not sending in readings and need a visit from an engineer. A meter reader probably only checked the meters for safety and fraud and did not actually take a reading.   You can take manual readings from your smart meters and send them in to get accurate bills.

posted by alan_ripley | A year ago
Re: Smart meter but still getting estimated bills


On checking my bill and sending the current reading I find that somehow I owe £1316 how has this happened?

it is totally ridiculous especially as I have a smart meter .

Also my diect debit has been increased unilaterally .I had similar issues with my previous supplier and with the help of the ombudsman had a refund plus £60 from them.

I am a retired scada engineer at a major vietically integrated power and gas utility so consider myself qualified to comment.

I will cancel the next direct debit if I do not recve a satisfactory reply

regards f a ripleyl

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Smart meter but still getting estimated bills

@alan_ripley    This forum is for customers and we cannot help with individual accounts, so ask customer services. 0800 027 0072.I am sure you know that sometimes smart meters do not transmit readings, and a reading after a  long period of estimates can cause a sudden nasty correction.

posted by Sugaree | 8 months ago
Re: Smart meter but still getting estimated bills
Did you get this sorted out? I've just found out there's a massive, shall we say 'debacle', going on with my account. I joined SP from EDF in November, EDF gave them readings. EDF fitted my Smart (?) meter. SP were able to take Smart readings from the Electricity meter, at least that's what it said on my bill up until May. It had an (S) besides the reading. I then switched tariff on the SP website. Crap happened and I spent at least 2 phone calls of at least 30 minutes each, pretty much every week during lockdown trying to get it sorted out. Eventually in July I thought it was sorted. Unfortunately I stupidly had mistaken confidence, from the Complaints department, for competence. On checking my account yesterday I found an incredible discrepancy. EDF had given SP readings that were just over 3100, the last Smart reading on March 17th was around 3600... fine. On May27th something, their "systems" had made a decision to disregard all previous readings because it wasn't their Smart meter. Nevermind the fact that EDF gave them a start point of 3100. My new estimate was 733. Somehow their systems had dropped a reading by almost 3000 points. During my call I checked the website. My bill was now sitting at almost £1400. I brought this up and was informed that this is because my meter had been estimated at starting from ZERO and was now saying my new reading which I'd given. This may be what happened in your case. They couldn't even find my electricity meter on the system, 3 different serial numbers but not the one I gave... although, it did turn up 25 minutes later "on a different system"... I now have to take a photo of both meters next week to prove the readings. OFGEN and the Small Claims Court here I come. I hope you did better. Cheers, and sorry about the rant.