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Smart meter ihd not working

posted by Unlucky2236 | 10 months ago
Hi it’s been 5 months now and this still isn’t fixed and its getting ridiculous now for something so simple!

I have been calling Scottish Power and Amey numerous times and every time been having to go through the same tiresome troubleshooting despite saying to the adviser this has been done everytime I’ve called to then be given a reference number and be told someone from Amey will call within a week. 6 times this has happened now and still no ones spoke to me about it. Whenever I get a call I answer and it ends straight away so there is something wrong with either Scottish power call back or Amey. I’ve even called Amey several times and everytime I have been told to call SP and its getting nowhere. Can someone just sort out an appointment for a Thursday in the new year (anytime) to get my ihd display fixed and confirm via email as over the phone seems useless and I’m sick of having to keep calling to be told the same thing over and over again with no solution! All I need is an engineer to come out and fix the ihd or replace it with a new one.  What’s the point in having smart meters if the display doesn’t work and I’m having to manually send them every month via the SP App which is what I was doing before I had these installed so they are pretty useless!


I have been with you guys for a years and a returning customer several times in the past over the last 11years, can someone just get this fixed please as Im sick of having to check the meter readings every week and see what my usage is which is what this is meant to do for me!

posted by theoldmanonabik | 3 months ago
Re: Smart meter ihd not working
I have the exact same problem, I have SMETS2 and an IHD which only shows GAS cant get it to show Elect. I have been told its not compatable with SMETS2 then I was told it is compatable. No one seems to know what to do. The guy I discussed it with over the internet couldnt help. Its been installed since April 21st I have been through the reset procedure over and over nothing seems to reboot. So whats the point in having a smart meter. I am still reading my meters every month and submitting to SP. This is so frustrating who do I talk to? that knows what the problem is. The signal is very strong. HELP

posted by Unlucky2236 | 3 months ago
Re: Smart meter ihd not working
They had to install a new ihd device in my home. They said for some reason it wasn't syncing. But that seemed to fix it so far. Did you have a power cut? We had a power cut and that's when it stopped working we think.

posted by theoldmanonabik | 3 months ago
Re: Smart meter ihd not working
No power cut, latest is they are waiting for an upgrade to the system. Supposed to be mailing me a letter explaining how this happening.

posted by theoldmanonabik | 3 months ago
Re: Smart meter ihd not working
Well I received the letter explaining what the problem is!!! what a load of rubbish. Its all about not having a WAN signal (wide area network) I have a good signal SP can read my meters (so they said) I have a good signal from meter to IHD its reading Gas so all signals are good. Now who do I ask? I'm sick of getting pushed from pillar to post. I dont think anyone knows what the problem is and tells you anything to get rid of you. Come on SP just tell the truth and fix it if possible.

posted by theoldmanonabik | 3 months ago
Re: Smart meter ihd not working
Does anyone from SP read these? If so read the person behind me unlucky 2236 they sent a new idu surprise surprise it’s fixed.

posted by AndySwain | 2 months ago
Re: Smart meter ihd not working
We've had the IHD not working problem for 16 months now, and have been fed that much bull we should have a farm!!!
There've been apologies, and promises, and excuses, and referrals, and redtape from installers referring us back to SP.
We were referred to the "Customer Services" department, then to "Technical", and back and forth.
And since then, loads more people have been coerced to have a Smart Meter, with many of them explaining their problems on here.

And we keep on being told that "SP are working on solving the problem".... I'm not holding my breath.
So, I now occasionally switch the IHD on, to see if it bursts into life, but leave it switched off otherwise, to SAVE energy!!!