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posted by rayhow | A year ago
Re: Smart meter ihd not working

Somewhat against my wishes I had a smart meter installed yesterday by Lowri Beck. The installation took four hours (electricity & gas), at the end of which the installer said he could not give me instructions for the ihd because he had to maintain 'social distancing', but that I would find everything on the website. After he'd left it became clear that the ihd was not working properly because it showed only the gas icon, regardless of which button was pressed, and seemed to be fixated on £0.36 for today's gas usage, despite not having used any gas! The only thing it does show correctly is the time of day! I've tried resetting, as suggested by Scottish Power chatline, but it still comes back with the same display. In addition, the smart meter shown on the Scottish Power video bears no similarity to the one supplied (Chameleon), and hence the instructions are quite useless.

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Smart meter ihd not working

@rayhow   You can find Chameleon instructions on the websites of other providers  Google for Chameleon IHD or look at this one


posted by Lisamcnab77 | 5 days ago
Re: Smart meter ihd not working
I have had the same problem was on pay as you go asked for a smart meter to be fitted , was changed to credit meter with out me knowing and all I get on display is waiting for information since the day it was put it
Really havnt got a clue where I’m up 2 . These meters are ment to make things easier for you to know what you are using