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Smart meter installation issues

posted by maslam | A year ago

Recently having been bombarded with emails and prompts on every login to my online account, I finally booked an appointment to get the smart meters. Got about 10 texts and 6 emails reminding about the installation. Only to be informed by the engineer who came to install the SM, that he's only got the Elec SM. The Gas SM are of wrong size/ spec and once fitter cannot be covered by the outer lid provided to keep it safe. And to top it all, he doesn't know when the correct Gas Meters are going to be in. So, What's the use of having half smart and half traditional meter? I have one more question for Scottish Power. If you do not have the right Smart meters to install, why bother customers and in the process waste your valuable time & effort? These are the kind of wastage pushing the energy prices up.


posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Smart meter installation issues

That is annoying, but how to avoid it? SP cannot be expected to know the dimensions of every property's meter housing. The fault is with the installer who came with the wrong sized meter, and if there are none in stock you will probably not be bothered again. You should tell SP on contactus@scottishpower.com to stop sending reminders and make a file note that your meter box is unsuitable for a new meter.

posted by maslam | A year ago
Re: Smart meter installation issues
Hi Davc, its not about the size of the meter housing. As it’s a standard housing for the gas meters they should have been prepared. But the problem which the engineer tried to explain was Scottish Power doesn’t have the correct specs of the gas meters to be fitted. He didn’t even have one in his van to show. So, he came without a meter for the appointment. Annoying as well as time wasting

posted by maslam | A year ago
Re: Smart meter installation issues
And now to top it all, they have started sending mails saying congratulations for my new smart meters . Apparently for them I have smart meters now. So, did the engineer not cancel the job & marked it as completed?

posted by Sandysdc | 11 months ago
Re: Smart meter installation issues
At least your engineer turned up, i waited all day after talimg the day off work, for no one to turn up nor contact to let me lnoe they weren't coming.
Also got an email on the evening to rate my instalation.
Very poor service as I am steal waiting for an answer after messaging them on the chat app service.

posted by Jeffman | 11 months ago
Re: Smart meter installation issues

Our "not so" Smart Meter was installed by Providor earlier this week, but the engineer obviously left without checking that the system was operating as required.
Furthermore contrary to agreed procedures, he just turned up without phoning ahead; but that's another story.
There's no communication between our new "Smart" gas meter and the Display Unit, or even remotely to Scottish Power, the apparent reason being an excessive distance between the gas & electric meters.
We've subsequently been informed by a Scottish Power customer services adviser that this distance should be a maximum of 3-metres, whereas ours is nearer to 7-metres.
Surely this would have become immediately apparent to the installation engineer before he commenced any work?
Our near neighbours, also with Scottish Power, have likewise experienced identical communication problems since their Smart Meter was installed a couple of years previous.
The young lady initially booking our meter-installation appointment categorically confirmed that communication issues would not arise with the more powerful 2nd Generation (SMETS2) meters.  Either she blatantly lied to us in order to get an appointment, or inadvertently passed on misinformation provided to her by others.
Fortunately our SP fixed contract matures in 4-months, when the opportunity will doubtless be taken to transfer to a different utility service provider, with Scottish Power seemingly more committed to meeting Smart Meter installation targets, whether the system is working or not, as agains providing proper customer services.

posted by Davc | 11 months ago
Re: Smart meter installation issues

Hi Jeffman, yes the electric meter does the communications.  Your gas meter will need manual reading, but really you should complain that your system was not correctly commissioned. It is not acceptable that installers fail to do installations  correctly. 

posted by Zak | 7 months ago
Re: Smart meter installation issues

Installation booked twice on two seperate occasions, engineer did not show up on either occasion. I took two days off for nothing. Installation team and logistics team are not synchronised at all. They kept phoning and emailing  me if I was happy with new meters? Got another call today to arrange new date!!! I don't thinks so. Absolute useless.


posted by Ianc | 7 months ago
Re: Smart meter installation issues
I would advise against having smart meters fitted. Having been pestered constantly to have them fitted, finally relented, big mistake. They haven't worked since fitting beginning of May. Called Scottish Power on 3 separate occasions, given a different answer each time. It's rather annoying that prior to the smart meter fit, I was constantly being contacted by Scottish Power, since absolutely nothing. Last contact, Scottish Power had no information about my smart meters having been fitted, could I take photos of the meters and provide serial numbers! Have decided to find another provider

posted by Jonnel | 7 months ago
Re: Smart meter installation issues

@Ianc Depending on what you mean by 'haven't worked' it's unlikely your setup is going to get any better any sooner if you switch to another firm. If the reason they 'don't work' is down to something as simple as physcal locations in your home, no smart meters will ever work for you there.

And don't forget that if you switch provider your meters will remain 'dumb' until the DCC data transmission infrastructure is fully up and running. It's still undergoing SMETs2 trials, so you will have to continue with manual readings whether they're SMETs1 or 2 until an unspecified time in the future. (Unless you happen to be in one of the trial areas - fingers crossed).

If you're on a good tariff, or are mid-contract and looking at ridiculous exit fees, you might want to re-consider your options before switching. It's unlikely a new provider will exchange your 'dumb' smart meters for old ones, and it might just cost you money for no benefit other than the satisfaction of not paying Scottish Power.