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Smart meter not generating bills

posted by Notsosmartmeter | 2 years ago

My tariff came to an end in December but when it came to an end, I have been unable to switch due to a problem with billing.

I had an electricity smart meter fitted in September and although it is collecting and sending meter readings, no electricity bills have been generated leaving my account over £500 in credit. I telephoned Scottish Power and eventually managed to speak to someone after a very long wait. She said it would take 4 days to generate a bill for the electricity and then I owuld be able to change to a new tariff. Nothing has happened and no-one has been in contact with me since. I have tried calling again but was on hold and then cut off. 

Trying to speak to someone is impossible!

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posted by drljames | 2 years ago
Re: Smart meter not generating bills
Same issue here. I have mailed and called in... I get fobbed off.

Latest is it is just the app, I go on to explains the website is the same. I get cut off....