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Smart meter- usage costs

posted by louise85 | 5 months ago
Hi, I’ve had my smart meter installed a couple of days ago and the unit is showing I’ve used over £8 of gas and electric in one day, considering it’s only myself and my young daughter in the home (a 2 bed semi) and I’m out at work all day it seems like £56+ a week is a huge amount, does this seem high to anyone else?
Many thanks

posted by emmapearson | 5 months ago
Re: Smart meter- usage costs



We had a smart meter installed on monday and our electricity usage has gone through the roof ???  Whats the best corse of action to t6ake, can i have it removed ??


posted by Davc | 5 months ago
Re: Smart meter- usage costs

Hi Emma. Your IHD display is giving false costs. This is a known error and SP are working to correct it. Your bills are not affected, it is only the IHD that has gone wrong, it will however show accurate kWh data, but not accurate costs. There is a similar problem with the App. However your meters will record power in exactly the same way as your old meters.  PS you might have a problem though if you have solar power or Economy 7, these have given problems with smart meters.