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Smart meters

posted by chris22 | 2 years ago
Hi there
Im new to this i just recently put in an application to move from british gas to scottish power i have smet1 british gas smart meters i phoned scottish power the other day to ask if they would be able to replace my old ones with smet2 smart meters and was told they dont replace smart meters unless there is a fault with them why is this? What if i wanted to use a scottish power ihd

posted by Mostyn2002 | 2 years ago
Re: Smart meters

I wanted to book a slot for a smart meter but I was too late, will I have another chance? 

Top answer

posted by Jonnel | 2 years ago
Re: Smart meters
@chris22 There are two reasons why they're reluctant to replace SMETs1 meters. The first is that SP have had to stump up the cost of supply and installation of each meter up front, until they can report to the government department responsible that another has been fitted to go towards their installation targets. Once a (of any kind) meter has been installed at an address, SP get paid for it, and wont get paid again if they replace it with another. So they'll only replace if the one already fitted is faulty.

The second reason is that once the national network - The DCC network - is set up, SMETs1 meters are to get an upgrade so that they can be read along with the other meters provided by whichever supplier fitted them. I'm sure you know that at present most smart meters can only be read remotely by the supplier who fitted them. The DCC will solve that, but it's national roll-out does not yet have a definite date, nor does the SMETs1 upgrades.

At the moment, it's a waiting game.

posted by Jonnel | 2 years ago
Re: Smart meters
@Mostyn2002 Probably, though I think you should really ask yourself if you should.

True, once the majority of users in the country have had smart meters fitted on the (so-called) free installation scheme (that isn't free) the remaining customers without may well find themselves having to pay to have them fitted. But, those without smart meters will enjoy the benefits of not having their tariffs changed remotely when the energy providers bring in variable tariffs - tariffs that charge smart meter users more than non-smart meter users for the same time of day.

At least for a while, anyway. Eventually, all energy providers will withdraw fixed-rate tariffs to force everyone onto their variable-rate ones, so we all lose.

Nationalise the energy market, I say...

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: Smart meters

@chris22   Although your BG smart meters will need to be manually reported to SP your BG ihd Display will continue to work normally. It works locally in your house no matter which supplier you have. 

posted by Tyke | 2 years ago
Re: Smart meters
My smart meter has stopped working. Can anybody suggest what I should do next?
SP website is probably the worst I've encountered, offers no help with reporting faults.

posted by suresh | 2 years ago
Re: Smart meters
its disrespectful, i am waiting for the smart meter for over 4 years.. All SP does is aSKING ME TO WAIT..wAIT UNTIL MY DEATH??

posted by Steveng14 | 2 years ago
Re: Smart meters
I've had my smart meter since march this year and it's still not working properly, they've just asked me for my meter readings again, if they want them they can come and read the bloody things themselves, shocking, once current discount expires I'm off to another supplier

posted by del78 | 2 years ago
Re: Smart meters
I’m having the same issue. I got mine installed last Oct and it’s never worked properly. I phone on numerous occasions and still nothing has been done. I’ve given up and decided to change suppler

posted by windmill | A year ago
Re: Smart meters

I have a smart meter. the latest type. It is working.  Scottish Power say they cannot read it. What do I do now?