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posted by lindsayd | 6 months ago
Re: Smart meters

Prosumer, I would ike the Smart Meter to work as it should do and the Gas Smart Meter to be fitted as previously promised so that I don't have to submit readings.

posted by Davc | 6 months ago
Re: Smart meters

@lindsayd   We all wish things work would properly, but in your case the meters need to be read manually. If you do not send a reading you will get estimated bills. As you say your account has not updated since May and if it was me I would make sure it is updated to avoid disputes.  Good luck with this.

posted by coates07 | 6 months ago
Re: Smart meters

We have a smart meter for electricity that was supplied by British Gas, and has been used by them and EDF and others, but not by Scottish Power. I wonder why. Are they going to fit later versions of smart maters?

posted by RogerA | 6 months ago
Re: Smart meters
  1.              .                                                 I had a smart meter fitted by my previous supplie 1st Utility. I supplied my initial readings when switching and am now asked to submit more readings at the end of the quarter. Does my existing smart meter work with Scottish Power? I  had it fitted because of restricted eyesight problems.

posted by Jonnel | 6 months ago
Re: Smart meters
@RogerA Probably not. I say 'probably' based on SP's asking you for readings a second time. First of all, the meters themselves will record your usage correctly, but probably aren't sending the readings to SP.

Currently, most smart meters can only be read remotely by the supplier that had them fitted. When someone switches supplier the meters' transmissions cannot be read by the new supplier. There is a program underway for ALL smart meter transmissions to be received by a central office which then passes the figures on to the customers' current supplier, but at the moment it is in a trial stage for a limited number of people with SMETs2 meters. There are plans for SMETs1 meters to be upgraded so they can be included in the centralised reading system too but there is no date for this as yet.

In a nutshell - for the foreseeable future you are probably going to have to manually read and submit your figures to SP yourself, but in the future your meters (whether 1s or 2s) WILL be able to be read remotely by SP no matter who installed them. But when that will be is anyone's guess.

posted by petmar14 | 5 months ago
Re: Smart meters

the reason im leaving scottish power is they dont cater for old disabled people  first of all you cant speak to anyone  only machines secondly we are not fit nor trained to read smart meters and third  whast the point of a smart meter if it cant be read by the suplier?

@Shadow wrote:
I had a smart meter at a previous property and didn't really find it very useful except that I could take the meter readings from the IHD.
In my new property I had meters installed simply to stop Scottish power contacting me about it.
With my new IHD it doesn't even display the current meter reading (like the old one used to).
What is the point if I now have to go to the meter to submit a reading?
I am sure the smart meter is useful to Scottish power for their agenda but to a consumer it is of little practical benefit.
Oh well as long a Scottish power can see the meter readings.
I have unplugged the IHD, so at least that will save some energy.
In my new property


posted by stevetippe | 5 months ago
Re: Smart meters

Absolutely appalling service, took a day off work to await Scottish Power installing arranged smart meter. Engineer turned up, no apology and then without even looking at the gas and electric meters, said it wasn't possible to install a smart meter because the Gas needed a de mod kit and the electric couldn't be completed as it was raining. I feel totally conned as Scottish power assured me they could definitively install smart meters. I phoned the customer service number 0800 027 0072, the guy hardly spoke English and then told me there was nothing he could do. Interesting that I received a text message to say congratulations on fitting your smart meter, assume that so the engineers gets paid for his visit. 

posted by weegie21 | 5 months ago
Re: Smart meters
i recently moved supplyer from brit gas so its there smart meter while this was my 1st dumb meter read of which im not bothered about my gas display was display error

so took read from actual meter instead of smart display

later i re looked smart display and gas was readable again musta needed soft reset by going to actual meter to get reading.

posted by JmcD | 5 months ago
Re: Smart meters

If you have a smart meter. Will/does your Direct Debit amount change when your are using more energy in winter etc or will it remain the same fixed price every month for the year.  Accepting that you are not going to overspend your yearly estimate.


posted by Davc | 5 months ago
Re: Smart meters

@JmcD    DD works the same with a smart meter as with a conventional meter. DD should stay constant but using more units than normal will cause an increase.