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posted by Davc | 3 months ago
Re: Smart meters

Seems a familiar story, EE customers were transferred to SP and then left to go to Bulb.

Avro are working on installation plans for smart meters.  If they want to keep their OFGEM licence it is a service that they must  provide. 


posted by DwightG | 2 months ago
Re: Smart meters

I thought the point of a smart meter was that they could read your meter remotely?


posted by Davc | 2 months ago
Re: Smart meters
@DwightG. Smart meters stop transmission if you switch supplier. If your is not sending readings then take a reading yourself and send it in, many people do that.

posted by dnpak38 | 2 months ago
Re: Smart meters
Yes that is what I thought.
SP account as not got current monthly account I have message saying will update if I give readings.
Account shows current readings so they got through from meters on their own.

Re AVRO as I understand from them they will not provide Smart Meters, believe other Cheapo firms the same so in no rush to change to them, also seems SP V2 meters not liked by other suppliers and get turned off.

In November I'm free to leave SP but think it will be hard to find a free exit supplier unless paying variable tarifs. Have been told to try a supplier who is not on comparison sites to get good customer service which others lack.