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Stupid Meters

posted by Redboat | A year ago

Having emailed SP about the fact that their Smart Meters do not do the job they are supposed to do I thought I would post here.

So Smart Meters are supposed to help us improve our energy Usage. The problem with SP's smart meters is that they do not work as they should. 

1: SP do not take readings from it and you still have to provide manual readings. The first time I realised this I was 65 days without a reading being taken even though the smart meter was in place.

2: The app is rubbish and does not have any smart meter information

3: The website / account pages also do not have this.

So what is the point in having a smart meter other than watch it now and then and realise it does not relate to anything. There is no record of daily usage in your account (Mine at least) so you cannot tally up adjust your usage and SP have no clue / just state to keep an eye on the Smart meter and Readings themselves and that they are getting readings from the meter. If that were the case why do I have to submit manual readings?

A complete waste of time on SP's part in installing smart meters if they simply do not work as they should.

Based upon this, this makes moving supplier easier as I'll have to manuallly submit readings anyway when switching.

Rant over.






posted by Ernie_C | A year ago
Re: Stupid Meters

In my opinion, smart meters are a complete waste of time and money.

To reduce your energy consumption, you do simple, obvious things.


posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Stupid Meters

Hi Ernie, I see what you are saying, a lot of problems. But I think given more time the meters will settle down and work correctly. If the public suddenly gets a lot of high tech equipment you can expect problems. I think also that maybe SP’s choice of meters and installers has not been the best. 


posted by Ernie_C | A year ago
Re: Stupid Meters

No, it’s nothing to do with problems.

The supposed benefit to the consumer, the country and the world is to reduce energy use.

Absolute rubbish. The methods to reduce energy use are simple and any amount of data produced by a smart meter won’t help.

Stop boiling full kettles, take showers instead of baths, don’t use tumble dryers (use the outdoor elements), etc etc.

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Stupid Meters

That is all true, but the real use of smart meters is when it costs twice as much between 4pm and 8pm as later on. Slowly people will spread out their electricity use and the country will need fewer power stations. It will all take time.. but I cannot see how they can do the same for gas.  In fact I think gas should have been left out of the whole programme. 

I agree it is easy to reduce your energy use today without smart meters but the majority can’t be bothered. The tv adverts about lekky and gas are childish nonsense and a waste of taxpayers money. 

posted by Redboat | A year ago
Re: Stupid Meters

I understand how to measure energy usage with or without a smart meter.

My point is really directed as SP for putting it in place when it does not work as it should. i.e. Giving them readings automatically so we do not have to manually submit readings.

They say they are getting the readings as a note during a support call but I still have to manually enter readings.  Their App and account pages also do not show any smart meter usage so as I say, what is the point.

I am not being overcharged or anything and my usage is under £900 a year for both E and G. It simply annoys me that one of the big 6 suppliers has essentially wasted their money which will be passed on to us at some point in putting out a system that does not work.

In anycase, this has promted me to switch to a smaller supplier where I do not have to wait 5 days for a reply or speak to people who cannot help with anything opting for scripted replies.