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The installed asked "give up?"

posted by Tim_Powys-Lybbe | 6 months ago

Yesterday the installer came to install the smart meters.  We had got all the junk out of the cupboard under the stairs.  He crawled in, as that was where the elec meter was.  He then came out and showed me that his machine said it had a "Poor" signal.

He explained that the Smart Meter used Everything Everywhere (EE to the rest of us) to communicate to Scottish Power and it looked like we did not have a good enough signal.  I agreed with him.  In the good old days when it was Orange, the signal was a disaster then in our house.  So we changed all our mobile phones to O2 (it c ould have been Vodaphone but we got to O2 first) and have been happy bunnies ever since.

You would have thought that Scottish Power would have asked if EE worked in our house?  I agree.  But they hadn't.  So the installer and I agreed that it was a waste of time installing the new meters.  So he packed up his bags, recovered his new meter kit and left.

Please, Scottish Power, ask if EE works before wasting money on installers for a duff system.

Tim P-L


posted by Davc | 6 months ago
Re: The installed asked "give up?"

@Tim_Powys-Lybbe   That is very interesting, I thought the meters could select the strongest signal and use it, maybe some meters are fixed to one provider?  I don't think it is SP who specify EE, SP does not care where the signal comes from as long as the data comes in successfully.  The internet says DCC which is the government data company are setting up their own phone network which will give wider coverage than commercial supplies like O2 and EE. Your installer should have asked his boss if they had any O2 meters in stock for your property.

posted by Tim_Powys-Lybbe | 6 months ago
Re: The installed asked "give up?"
The installer told me that EE was all he had and thought it was all they provided. I agree with you about what SP and the installer should have done. But they still wasted time and money by not asking or checking if EE worked here. Bunch of idiots?

posted by whiteowl | 6 months ago
Re: The installed asked "give up?"

So what type of meter do SP put in may i ask.  my friend has a liberty 100 from eon  and she says it has been okay. This was after they threatened  her with taking  her off her tariff.