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Unable to top up via the app for my smart meters

posted by DisneyLover | 7 months ago
I have been unable to use the app to top up since Thursday 9 December at 10am and this continues through to now Saturday 11 December at 3pm. I have had 8 live chats and all I am being pushed to accept is advanced credit. No information as to why I can’t top up on the app.

I understand there was scheduled maintenance from 8pm on the 9th - 2am on the 10th but it’s not been working before or after than time.
Any time I try and top up it tells me
“ there has been a problem generating your top up request, please contact us for assistance”

Has anyone had similar problems and was able to get a valid reason from Scottish power? This has now been 3 weeks back to back of issues with the company I’m so fed up!

posted by Alan44 | 7 months ago
Re: Unable to top up via the app for my smart meters
I have same problem,, smart meters got installed couple weeks ago,, cant top up via app and UTRN number gets rejected, been on phone for hours i either get lame excuses or hung up on,, dont no what else to do

posted by DisneyLover | 7 months ago
Re: Unable to top up via the app for my smart meters
Hi alan44

I would love to say it gets better but unfortunately it doesn’t.

I had mine installed in a shambles of an event which took 4 hours earlier this year. All because the fitter was not interested in smoking outside and chatting to a fitter from Scottish hydro outside than actually doing his job.

Initially the first few months were ok, bar they hadn’t set up my smart meter account online for my gas so I had a 3 hour call to get it sorted. Once that was done things were ok. I could top up etc

However this week it’s a fault with the app and payment system apparently after the scheduled maintenance.

Last week they took £55 from me for a £20 payment that I had to spend 4 days arguing with them to get my money back.

The week before my app logged me out and wouldn’t allow me in no matter what I done. This resulted in another 2 hour call to them and being told I am not who I say I am, my details are wrong even though it’s quoted from my bills etc! Eventually they unregistered my account and made me re-register again before it was up and running but again this took 3 days!

I am seriously loosing faith with this company and have subsequently warned all friends and family to double check all bills from them etc. take no chances!

It’s infuriating getting told 10 different stories and having them try force or trick you into accepting things. Stand firm, I will be calling immediately again come Monday, something has to be done!

I’m sorry I couldn’t be much help, just don’t give up harassing them to get answers or explanations.

posted by donmcm | 2 weeks ago
Re: Unable to top up via the app for my smart meters
How long does it take from having a metre fitted to then being able to top up on the app?

posted by DavC1 | 2 weeks ago
Re: Unable to top up via the app for my smart meters

@donmcm   It should work as soon as the meter has been installed, but SP have a lot of technology problems and so it could be several days or weeks.  If you look at the help pages for smart PAYG meters there are several ways of paying if the app does not work. 

posted by jnm1 | A week ago
Re: Unable to top up via the app for my smart meters

Scottish Power cannot run a website properly so how you expect to run smart meters is just a joke .

Customer service is non existent you are directed to a live chat link which is hidden of course ,

If you can find the live chat link you will be directed to Gabriel Gnomes in a Mumbai call centre  !

Forget about a smart meter with SP  the in-house display does not work after 2 weeks if you call there help line after 2 hours you might be answered by somebody who has been sleeping on their desk and you are just a nuisance  . After telling you to disconnect meter for 48 hours and dance round  a full  moon naked it should work . I am 63 and expected me to enter UTRN number s of 20 numbers on ground level meters  you are having a