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posted by lara | 3 years ago
Re: Useless “smart” meter!
I’m glad to hear you’re making progress. Although it’s interesting how differently they deal with customers... On phone call number 5 that I’ve made to them on Wednesday, I am now waiting for the complaints department to phone me within 5 working days - this was the suggested option by their operator. Although, I have made it clear that I will not be paying any bills until this is sorted... I was hoping that might encourage them to sort it quicker, my hope may have been misplaced. Good luck with yours... hope you get it sorted.

posted by Wotto | 3 years ago
Re: Useless “smart” meter!



After a month and many e-mails since my complaint about the SMART meter, I had a phone call this morning to say 'oh it looks as if your SMART meter isnt working. We need to send out an engineer'.

They will be in touch about fixing a date for this

God knows what happens then. I fear that all they will discover is that there are too many walls and distance between the base meter and the gas meter for signals to reach the base meter. Back to old manual meters?

And you know who in the end pays for this fiasco - all of us when the costs are absobed into our general bills. 

Plus- we will have to pay for all the temporary staff hired to deal with all the complaints and whose main role seems to be to create a smoke screen of apparent activity while Scottish Power sorts itself out e.g.

On 16 January in reply to one of my many e-mails I was promised that the gas meter was updating properly and they had my up to date readings

Today - I am told 'Oh it isnt working and hasnt been since we installed it'.



posted by MJF | 3 years ago
Re: Useless “smart” meter!

Had fitted by Scottish Power last December Smart Meters both for Electric and Gas.ever since I have experienced problems they don’t work! I have reported this many times by phone and online chat! Promises about return calls are  not kept and all I am told I will be contacted soon. Just rather tired and I have to still give Manual meter readings. Opened a complaint in April and I was given a number. I have received a letter. However after 9 Months nothing has been sorted.